10 Easy Ways to Deal with Loneliness When You Are a Single Mom


Loneliness is one of the worst and most painful feelings that every single mother faces at one or another point of her life, especially following a divorce, separation or death of the spouse. Even in a houseful of kids, feeling extremely sad, lonely and emotional is quite natural due to losing someone whom you used to love the most. If you’re a single mom who is suffering from the feelings of loneliness and depression, here are some proven ways to fill your life with happiness, joy, and positivity again!

Readjust Your Priorities:

As a single mother, you need to be realistic about what you can and can’t do throughout the day. Instead of working like a superwoman, consider rethinking your priorities and finish all your household chores accordingly. To get things done promptly, make sure to plan everything by the hour. Once you learn how to regulate your time, not only you will have more quality time to spend with your children but also will enjoy taking care of them more.

Pursue your Passions:

Being a single mother is not the time to feel guilty about the separation or divorce. In fact, it’s a golden opportunity to reinvent yourself and do what you always love to do. No matter how busy you’re as a single mom, always take some time to enjoy your hobbies and interests. Doing something that really matters to you will keep you engage for hours as well as give you the immense satisfaction you really need as a single parent.

Make Time For Exercise:

An old proverb, a healthy mind resides in a healthy body, fits well to this point. Exercising about 30-minutes daily not only keeps your body fit and healthy but also helps you overcome loneliness and isolation. When combined with a healthy diet and restful sleep, exercising gives you the required stamina and strength to raise your children and take good care of them. Above all, it cultivates a healthy living habit in your kids!

Play With Your Kids:

You may have a fair share of problems in your life but this must not be a reason to ignore your little ones. Set time aside every day to play with your kids, even if it is just twenty minutes. There are a number of things you can do to keep your children engaged – like reading a book together, playing a video game, drawing a picture – but don’t forget to focus on yourself too. Remember, the more time you spend with your children, the less loneliness you’ll experience.

Reach out to Other Single Moms:

Remember that you’re not alone in experiencing the pain of being a single mom. There are many other women who are in similar situations. Connect with them through social media or by other means and share the ups and downs of single parenting with them. If possible, try to find and connect with some single mother in your local area. Surrounding yourself with similar people will definitely make you feel less lonely, overwhelmed and stressed.

Do Some Online Shopping:

Online shopping is an effective way to stay busy and engaged for hours – absolutely without stepping out of the house. Whenever you have some free time, go online and buy yourself something pretty. It can be anything you need or love – like clothes, jewelry, makeup accessories, or even some educational toys for your kids. Alternatively, you can also head over to the nearby mall for shopping.

Go on a Date:

If you've not yet given up on Mr. Right, it’s the best time to find and connect with someone who you think is perfect for you. Nowadays, with the evolution of various social media networks, it has become quite easy for singles to find a perfect match. So if dating is in your mind, you should start it right now without any hesitation. However, make sure to overcome your personal issues from past relationships before you date someone again.

Get Together with Your Friends:

One mistake that almost all single moms make is not staying in touch with their friends – whether they are old or new. As there’s nothing like sharing your life experiences with a friend, arrange a get together regularly with your old friends. That way you’ll be able to spend some quality time with each other. Keep in mind, nourishing deep friendships will not only help you fight against loneliness but also will give you a new perspective on life.

Tackle Those Books you’ve been meaning to Read:

Books are Human's best friends! They are an amazing anti-loneliness tool that makes you realize you're not struggling alone. With each turn of a page, there are characters, secrets, places, and stories to immerse you into a creative world of imagination and wonder. When your kids are asleep, grab a book of your choice and let it occupy your mind and thoughts. After all, reading a book is much better than drifting off to the memories of past.

Accept Help in Child Care:

As a single mother, you may think that you need to do everything on your own. However, the truth is that you can’t. After all, you’re a human, not a machine! So whenever you feel you need a helping hand, do not hesitate to seek help from your family member and close friends. If this isn’t possible for you, consider hiring a professional babysitter who acts as a supportive birth partner and is trained to assist single women in child care.

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