Five ways to simplify your life with Countdown online shopping


Having your everyday essentials already sorted means you’ll have more time for life’s little extras  – like dancing with your kids in the kitchen! Here are some tips on how Countdown online can simplify your shopping:

1) Save your staple grocery items in a list under your Countdown account so you know that you have your basics covered every time you shop. No more mercy dashes to the dairy for tomato sauce at 5:55 pm!

2) Make your weekly budget go further by buying items on special, and keep an eye on your trolley total as you shop. You can also browse the Countdown weekly specials mailer online – see something you like and add it directly to your shopping trolley.

3) Shop with greater peace of mind. You can now view nutritional information for over 9,000 products on the Countdown website, including ingredients, nutrition panels, allergen warnings and health star ratings.

4) Keep your first aid supplies stocked up by ensuring essentials such as paracetamol, plasters, antiseptic and healing creams are on your staples list. Browse Countdown’s Health & Wellness section to find other products you may need so you don’t end up making a special trip to the pharmacy for one plaster.

5) Be ready for anything by keeping a cupboard or drawer well-stocked with lightbulbs, batteries, torches, extension cords, power adaptors, matches and candles. Find all sorts of other handy things for the home from vacuum cleaner bags to smoke alarms – in Countdown's Cleaning and Homecare section.

Register for online shopping, place an order and enter the coupon code BABY17 at the online checkout to get $10 off your order when you spend $100 or more*

*Offers for first time shoppers only.

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