Ergobaby 3-position Adapt Carrier


Newborns need lots of cuddles, but holding your baby while doing the 100 daily tasks that come with being a parent can be a real challenge! Most mums develop a ‘baby-holding arm’ that any weightlifter would be proud of, but having two hands free to help your toddler get ready for preschool, pack a lunchbox and feed the dog makes things so much easier doesn’t it?!

That’s why we love the new Ergobaby 3-position Adapt Carrier. The clever design means it fits babies right from newborns through to toddlers without the need for an Infant Insert. Baby gets to snuggle close to you, leaving you more able to get on with other things.

Your newborn will love snuggling up close to you in the Adapt Carrier. There’s plenty of neck support from the adjustable head padding, and the well-thought-through design means baby sits up nice and straight. The deep bucket seat adjusts to through three settings (newborn, infant, toddler), ensuring your growing baby is supported in the recommended ‘hip-healthy’ leg position at every stage.  

You’ll also find your little one is easy to access in this carrier, which is fantastic for on-the-go breastfeeding.

However, all the great aspects of a baby carrier mean nothing if it’s uncomfortable to wear. Ergobaby have these covered with a wide hip strap that takes most of baby’s weight, and lumbar padding ensuring the strap doesn’t dig in to your back.

The Adapt Carrier is super easy to get on and off, with just two easy-buckle straps to clip or unclip (*a collective sigh of relief *). As with any carrier, it may take a few attempts before you’re able to put it on blindfolded, but once you’ve got the hang of it, you’ll find it the most comfortable way of getting out and about with your precious bundle.

When you venture outside, pop the adjustable hood up, so baby’s head is protected from the elements or bright lights; the hood will block enough light and muffle enough sounds for your little one to nod off for a while (here’s hoping!).

We love how this carrier gives you the ability to run around after your toddler, do the shopping, walk on the beach…all while wearing your baby!   

Ergobaby 3-position Adapt Carrier RRP NZ$245.00     Click here for stockists


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