VTech Safe & Sound Monitor


Checking on a baby draws on all your ninja stealth skills. You need to open the door without the handle rattling, make your way across the floor without it creaking, suppress the need to sneeze or cough, and avoid any booby traps (ie toys) spread out on the floor. There’s nothing worse than sneaking in, finding a peacefully sleeping baby and then accidentally waking them up by breathing too loudly or letting a strip of light come through the open door.

Because once those little eyes spy you, the chances of baby going back to sleep (quietly, at least) are pretty slim!

That’s why a video monitor is so handy. With the Safe & Sound BM3500 monitor from VTech, I could actually see whether those little noises were just sleep noises, or something that needed attention, without worrying about interrupting my daughters’ all-important slumber. I’m not lazy, but checking whether my baby actually needed parental attention every time she gurgled is exhausting – especially if you’ve got a noisy sleeper!

The monitor offers a 2.8” full-colour camera with motorised pan and tilt, and infra-red for night use - no more leaping out of bed at the first noise! You can adjust the camera angle and zoom in from the parent unit, so you really can keep a close eye on baby.

We loved the 5 soothing lullabies that we’d play as we put her down for naps, and the temperature sensor will be hugely helpful in winter when there’s a heater in the room – I can make sure it’s not getting too hot and stuffy in there.

This monitor also has a speaker/microphone so we could talk to her when we saw she was properly awake from her nap, and soothe her back to sleep when she had a little wake up. It’s funny to think she will grow up thinking mum and dad can talk to her even when we’re not in the room!

I also find it really useful for checking, now and again, how long my toddler takes to actually fall asleep, and what she’s doing in the meantime (mostly throwing toys out of her bed!) And when baby is napping, I can take the monitor outside or downstairs without worrying I’ll miss her cries.

Having a video monitor really does set your mind at ease, especially for first-time parents, and help you stay connected to your baby.

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