Different types of strollers

Different types of strollers

If you're pregnant and looking for a stroller it can be really confusing because there are so many different types of strollers available.  I'll go over the main groups below:

Standard strollers

This is what you see most of the time as can be seen below.  They'll generally work with newborns and toddlers.  They're much more comfortable, sturdy and have more room than lightweight umbrella strollers (see below).

Umbrella strollers

These are lightweight strollers that you take when you just need something small and lightweight.  It's the type to use whenever you're travelling or going to the shops and you won't have much room to manoeuvre.  Umbrella strollers can be really cheap so most people have them as well as a standard stroller.


Double strollers

If you have twins or children close together you can get this option.  You can see in the picture below of the Bugaboo Donkey that they can be used for newborns and toddlers.

Jogging strollers

It's so hard to get exercise done when you have a newborn or a toddler.  Having a jogging stroller allows you to get some exercise done when otherwise you just wouldn't have the opportunity.


For a more in depth run down of the different types of strollers and which ones are best check out www.strollerdiva.com.

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