Food items which you should avoid in 2017

Food items which you should avoid in 2017

Most of the doctors would suggest you to concentrate on naturally occurring food items. As because,most of the beverages and foods that we are eating can cause serious damages to your teeth.  Be careful of using teeth whitening products that can damage your teeth.



The plaque is a bacteria filled sticky film that contributes to the tooth decay and gum diseases.




After you eat any sugar, meal or sugary snack, the bacteria in it will release the acids that attack the tooth enamel, and when the enamel breaks down, it can develop the cavities on the tooth.


The cavities are the most common chronic disease which the most of the people are facing from the age of 6 to 19 according to the Centers for the Disease prevention and control. The cavities disease causes the complications such as tooth abscesses, pain and chewing problems and the tartar above the gums will leads to the gingivitis which is an early form of the gum disease.



You can also prevent your teeth from the plaque disease beside brushing your teeth twice a day at least, flossing and visiting the dentist often regularly you can try to avoid the top 5 food that can damage your teeth they are given below.

·         Bread

·         Sour candies

·         Alcohol

·         Carbonated drinks

·         Ice

·         Potato chips

·         Dry fruits

When you avoid these food items or limiting it usage can prevent your teeth from the plaque disease, and this can also prevent your gum from the occurrence of the gum diseases.


As a first and foremost thing why the children get into the cavities problem at their young age because they often eat s the sour candies which are a major item that causes the cavities problem.


The candies contain the more and different kinds of the acids that make the teeth tougher in addition to this they are chewy and stick on to your teeth for a longer period, so they likely cause decay.


If you are eating the chocolates or sweets, you can easily chew it and wash it away than having the sour candies. In addition to the above top 5 foods that can damage your teeth, you can also consider the fruits which containing the citrus acid will also damage your teeth faster.


The fruits containing citrus acids like grapes, lemon, and orange which this acidcan erode your teeth enamel and make it more vulnerable to decay.




If you want to get the doses of their vitamins and antioxidants, then you can eat and drink them in moderation at the mealtime by rinsing it with the water.  


When you eat the sweet items or sipping aerated drinks for a longer period, then the plaque bacteria produce the acids for attacking your enamel and the hard surface of your tooth. Most of the carbonate drinks also contain some acids that can damage your teeth so after consuming the soft drinks ensure that you drink a cup of water after taking it.


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