Child Friendly Cafes

Is this a question you're an expert at answering - or dying to know!? Then please do tell and let us all know!

Let us know which cafes around the country you think are pretty good to take your little ones to. If a cafe you recommend has already been nominated, "like" the cafe to show your vote for the cafe - the more recommendations from other mums the better!

We need the name and location of the cafe to enter into the system - if you have other details about the cafe (address, cost of a fluffy) then that's great! We'd love to read your comments too, as to why you think the cafe you have shared is a child-friendly cafe and what makes it so great!

Everyone who enters goes in the draw to win a two year subscription to OHbaby! magazine - drawn Wednesday 18 July!

Enjoy and happy sharing !

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Niagara Falls Cafe

1 Review
Street: 256 Niagara Waikawa Road
Suburb: Niagara, 1RD
Phone: 2468577
Customer Service Rating: 9 / 10
Child Friendliness: 9 / 10
Overall Rating: 9 / 10
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