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Having a baby is one of the single biggest challenges you will face in your lifetime. It also brings the most rewards. For some Kiwi mums the births of their children creates an opportunity for them to combine their pre-baby skills and knowledge with their new family commitments, for others starting a home business is a way to bring in a much-needed second income without sacrificing time with their children.

OHbaby! was founded by one such Mum, Angela Pedersen, in 2000. Although her first child, Ella, wasn't born until 2005, Angela wanted to create a business that she could run from home whilst still being a stay at home Mum. The success of OHbaby! is a testament to the many hours that Angela, and her husband Royce, put into developing the site in those early days, and that they have continued to put in over the ensuing years.

OHbaby! is still staffed entirely by parents, many of whom work from home, and we know how much time and energy goes into running a home business, especially when you are also running a busy household!

Our Mums In Business directory profiles some homegrown success stories, women who have taken the plunge and established their own home businesses offering a huge variety of products and services.

We hope you'll help us support them!

If you're a Mum In Business and you'd like to see your profile in our directory, email for more information!


  • Reo Pēpi
    Reo Pēpi
  • Sirinya Ruchiravanish
    Sirinya Ruchiravanish
  • Sleep Bug Kirsty Clark
    Sleep Bug Kirsty Clark
  • Once Upon a Time Baby Boutique - Simone Nacewa
    Once Upon a Time Baby Boutique - Simone Nacewa
  • Cora+Lilybean - Sue Green
    Cora+Lilybean - Sue Green
  • KiwiOz Childcare -Lisa Bentley
    KiwiOz Childcare -Lisa Bentley
  • Personal Train Me - Anna Mabey
    Personal Train Me - Anna Mabey
  • Little Mash
    Little Mash
  • The Fairy Shop
    The Fairy Shop
  • LoveLoops
  • Kiddy Couture - Naomi Seabrooke
    Kiddy Couture - Naomi Seabrooke
  • BPM Childcare - Christine LeMaitre
    BPM Childcare - Christine LeMaitre
  • Decorlicious - Jodine Thornton
    Decorlicious - Jodine Thornton
  • Holmsäter Ltd - Jenny Etherington
    Holmsäter Ltd - Jenny Etherington
  • Allium Interiors - Jo Burrell
    Allium Interiors - Jo Burrell
  • Lou and Olly - Jane Blakey
    Lou and Olly - Jane Blakey
  • MummyMatters - Shumin Lim
    MummyMatters - Shumin Lim
  • Merino Mana - Mary Hampton
    Merino Mana - Mary Hampton
  • Baby on the move - Claire Turner and Fena Bavastro
    Baby on the move - Claire Turner and Fena Bavastro
  • Angela Scott Photographers
    Angela Scott Photographers
  • Mocka - Emma Smith
    Mocka - Emma Smith
  • OHbaby - Angela Pedersen
    OHbaby - Angela Pedersen
  • Newbies - Sally Woodfield
    Newbies - Sally Woodfield
  • Bebabo - Liza Shieff
    Bebabo - Liza Shieff
  • Breastmates - Frances McInnes
    Breastmates - Frances McInnes
  • Nappy Days Ltd - Kate Meads
    Nappy Days Ltd - Kate Meads
  • Babu - Alison Hui
    Babu - Alison Hui
  • HOTmilk - Lisa Ebbing - Ange Crosbie
    HOTmilk - Lisa Ebbing - Ange Crosbie


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