Lego Buildable artworks

This really is awesome! Over at the Photobris website you can create your own Lego buildable piece of art. Upload any image to their site from Instagram, Facebook or your own file and it will turn it into a maganificent Lego creation. 

Here's chart topper Katy Perry

Katy -perry -lego

And our very own PM John Key

John -key -ohbaby

But the fun doesn't stop there, once Photobrix creates your image it gives you all the information  you need to turn it into a buildable work of art. It may take some time and a lot of paitence but the result will be amazing.

Here's some pictures we had a go with at OHBaby!

One of our OHbaby! babies as a newborn, we would love this as a first birthday gift.

Baby -lego2

Our Batman and My Little Pony lego portraits, a great idea for unique wall art for your kids rooms.

Batman -lego


My -little -pony

It works best with colourful images, flat lines and not too much detail.

Pop on over to the Photobrix website and get building


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