Baking with Tiny Tots

Baking with Tiny Tots

Baking with Tiny Tots: Over 50 Recipes for Young Children to Enjoy Making, by Becky Johnson

(Hachette Livre, $29.99)


Now this is a cool cookbook. For starters, just by looking at the pictures, you can tell that kids would enjoy baking the recipes -- mostly because the pictures all show real kids with batter on their hands, flour in their hair, and dough smeared everywhere. The recipes are for things that kids really can help make, so there aren't any perfectly formed, Nigella-esque fairy cakes or professionally decorated sugar cookies. The instructions are written for mums but they tell her what to direct the kids to do -- so while she turns on the oven, they can help measure ingredients, get the pans ready, mix things and much more.

Different instructions for different skill levels are included (obviously, a three-year-old helping in the kitchen is very different from a five-year-old, and the book recognises this) and the finished products are things that kids will absolutely love -- Lemon Sandcastles, Lamingtons, Banana Muffins, Jammy Dodgers, Bread Monsters (which are bread rolls that look more like hedgehogs than monsters to me) and Cheesy Feet (much tastie-looking than they sound!) will all appeal to little ones. I love this book, and I can't wait til my little girl is old enough to enjoy it with me!

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