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Recipes, stories and now a how-to guide from the very more-ish Little and Friday.

Just the name “Little and Friday” puts our taste buds into over-drive as thoughts turn to three-tiered cakes and elaborate pastries.


And now the famous café has a new book to its name: Little and Friday Celebrations and these recipes are ever so fancy. They include Pear and Pistachio Chocolate Cake, Blue Cheese, Prosciutto and Fig Pizza, Berry Cheese cakes, among many others.

“These recipes are not simple and easy – that’s not what Little and Friday is known for,” says the owner and chief creator Kim Evans who wrote the book. “We go the extra mile so it looks amazing and tastes amazing. And with celebration food that’s what you want.”

But to make things easier, Kim is adding video demonstrations to her blog (go to to have a look) where she shows how to achieve some of the trickier masterpieces. These videos should start appearing in early November.

In the mean time here’s a top tip from Kim: to make icing a fancy birthday cake or wedding cake more successful, put the cake in the fridge first so it’s firm and cold and easier to work with.

Little and Friday has been in existence only four years. But with the release of Kim’s first book, Treats from Little and Friday, fame spread nationwide and put the quiet North Shore suburb of Belmont, where it lives, on the map.

Kim began with a little shop that was open only on Fridays but now it’s open seven days a week and there are two shops plus another outlet in Ponsonby. So not so little and Friday any more.

Kim’s entrepreneurial streak was revealed early – when she was a broke fine arts student in Sydney. There was no café on campus so Kim started selling ginger crunch and other Kiwi favourites at the campus art store in exchange for art supplies.

She returned to Auckland in 1993 leaving behind a broken marriage and arriving home with her two-year-old and a six-week-old baby.

Those children now work with her and five months ago Kim became a grandmother to a “delicious” little girl.

“It’s quite different being a grandmother – you don’t have the stress,” she says.

“I loved being a mum but as a grandmother it’s just full enjoyment.”

Pg -62-Chocolate -Salami LR


Pg -167-Chocolate -Beetroot -and -Salted -Caramel -Cake LR


Two delicious recipes, reproduced with permission from Little and Friday Celebrations by Kim Evans. Published byPenguin Group NZ. RRP$45. Copyright © Kim Evans, 2013Copyright © Photography Tamara West, 2013.

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