Fit for living

Time is precious and leaving the house can be challenging, but never fear - exercise and motherhood can comfortably co-exist!  These ideas may solve your fitness frustration.


  • Preggi Bellies Training for Two offers pregnant women a safe workout based on the latest research from physiotherapy and obstetric circles. It helps you feel great throughout pregnancy as well as priming the muscles needed for labour. ($49.95 from 

  • Nintendo now requires real action with their Wii Fit products. Your movements on the balance board control on-screen action, improving fitness and balance with more than 40 different activities.
    (Nintendo Wii Fit Game and Board RRP $199.99,  Wii Console RRP $499.99, both from Noel Leeming)

  • Mums don't have much time for working out, but Weights Work for Women (Hamlyn $29.99) says it'll help you create a toned body in an hour a week.
  • If the stereotypical gym scene is a little daunting, try Contours ( - a health and fitness club exclusive to ladies, with a passion for women supporting women.

  • The Core & the Floor DVD is the first New Zealand post-pregnancy exercise programme designed and endorsed by healthcare professionals. ($44.95 from

  • Fight "baby brain" with a regular workout for your grey matter. Brain Training: How Old Is Your Brain? helps you stay sharp, focused and young. (Nintendo DS console and Dr Kawashima's Brain Training sold as a pack, RRP $227 from Dick Smith Electronics)




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