Treasure trove of audio books online for kids

Have your kids been introduced to audio books yet? These are a great alternative to watching the television, plus you can play them in the car on long or short journeys. 

These days they are available on all sorts of formats, bet it your MP3 player, iPod/iPhone/Kindle - you'll find something that's not only easily downloadable but also a lot cheaper than the old-school CDs.

The best website we found was which has 3000 free audio books, many of them for children, all absolutely free for download. They are available in the following formats:

MP3 download

iTunes Podcast (for PCs, laptops etc)

iPod/iPhone M4b Audiobook

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We like the look fo this oneChildren’s Favourites and Fairy Stories, a series of books is intended for all young people from one to 100. 


Amazon is also a good place to start: There are many books which include audio CDs but the best ones are audio alone, like Songs & Story: Winnie The Pooh and the Honey Tree which is available on CD and for MP3 players. 

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Another option is to go to and serach the children's section.

Fairytales Every Child Should Know is available for $24.95 and promises 11 hours of stories.

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Other options are searching your local Whitcoulls, JP-HiFi or The Warehouse for latest audio books. You could also try e-bookstores and iTuens. Many popular kids films such as Tangled and Toy Story are available as audio books.

For a full selection and to hear what's out there, try Disney Audio Books MasterPost:

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