Well wrapped: 3 simple ways to present super cute gifts

Stuck in a gift-wrap rut? Got a tricky-shaped pressie to present? Watch us have some fun with paper, cellotape and string and be inspired to add some extra sparkle to your Christmas presents before you stash them under the tree.


Snowflakes that stay on my nose and eyelashes... Brown paper packages tied up with string... 
This package would have soon become one of Maria Von Trapp's favourite things.


It's in the bag!
Gifts come in all shapes and sizes and a DIY paper bag is a great way to wrap up those 'out of the box' pressies.


Cracker of a Christmas
Recycle the cardboard roll from inside your roll of wrapping paper and use it to stash little 'hard to wrap' presents. We added some bells on silver elastic because, well, Jingle Bells!!



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