Racing Walnut Mice

Walnuts are a wonderful traditional item to craft with. The trick is to be able to split them into two perfect halves. The following is an extract from Maggy Woodley's Red Ted Art - Cute and Easy Crafts for Kids.

Walnuts3You will need:
Scraps of felt
Black marker pen or felt-tip pen
Marbles (one for each mouse)
PVA glue

1. The older your walnut, the easier it will be to split it perfectly in half. Insert a knife or a pair of scissors into the round end of a walnut - this is its weakest point. Then tap, tap, tap the nut gently on a chopping board. Remove the nut from the inside. With smaller children, and as ever when using knives or scissors, it's best for an adult to be on hand for this bit.

2. Cut little ears and a strip for the tail from the felt in your chosen colours. You could also use string or a piece of ribbon as a tail.

3, Glue a pair of ears and a tail on to each walnut shell - tuck the end of the tail under the shell for a neater finish.

4. Add eyes, nose and whiskers with a pen.

5. Place a marble under each mouse and then let the mice race down a sloping book.

Which mouse will win?


Red Ted Art





Extract from Red Ted Art: Cute and Easy Crafts for Kids by Maggy Woodley. Square Peg, £15.99


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