How to: build a mud kitchen out of pallets

With a bit of vision and some tools, the humble pallet can be upcycled into all manner of handy and fun items. In the autumn issue of OHbaby! Magazine we showed off a mud kitchen we created in association with Resene.

Follow our how-to guide below to knock one up for yourself:

You will need:
Two pallets
A sink
A saw, nails, a hammer, screws and an electric screwdriver
Paintbrushes and a 100mm roller with rough surface sleeve
Hooks and cooking equipment 

Step One:
Cut your first pallet down to the size you want for the bench top of your kitchen unit, keeping the off-cuts. Measure out the hole needed to insert your sink and cut.

Mud Kitchen Start

Step Two:
Use off-cuts from your first pallet to create legs for the bench top. Fix in place with nails or screws.

Mud Kitchen Legs

Step Three:
Use your second pallet to create the back of your kitchen unit. Attach a peice of spare timber (salvaged from your first pallet) at the height you want your bench top to sit. Get some help to hold the bench top in place against the back of the unit while you fix the two securely together with nails and screws.

Mud Kitchen Back

Step Four:
Create shelves from pallet off-cuts and screw to the back of your unit.

Mud Kitchen Shelf

Step Five:
The completed kitchen unit is now ready for paint, accessories, mud and water!
Bon appetit!

Mud Kitchen Sink

Mud Kitchen










We used these Resene paint colours to finish off our mud kitchen, left to right: 
Resene Quarter Blanc, Resene Tree Frog, Resene Trojan and Resene Half Dizzy Lizzy



As seen in the autumn issue of OHbaby! Magazine, on sale now.

Thanks to builder Josh Gwilliam, who constructed our pallet kitchen for us.

Visit your local Resene ColorShop, phone 0800 RESENE (737 363) or go to


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