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Australian born Tam Rodwell lives in London with his wife and two small children. He works full-time as a welder, but since he has become a dad he has also written an hilarious and insightful book on fatherhood and invented a product inspired by his parenting journey.

Having spent many late nights chained to the blender pureeing fruit and vegetables and freezing them in ice cube trays, he started to research easy ways to defrost the food. Tam realised fairly quickly that there wasn’t any product on the market that could safely defrost and heat these tiny portions of food separately, whilst not compromising the nutritional value and avoiding the use of plastics.

Given that it would be his wife Louise’s job to do most of the weaning while Tam was at his day job as a welder, he set about creating a pan to fit onto one of their saucepans which would utilise the heat from the steam to do the job for them and help make the task of getting tasty nutritional food into baby that little bit easier.

This is where Lilly pots was born.

Over many months of ups and downs (carrots mostly up, mango always down!) both Tam and Louise were thrilled with their daughter’s enthusiasm for new tastes and fresh foods and decided to share their weaning pan with other mums and dads.

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Voila Lilypots - check them out here.


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Plus, we have two copies of Tam Rodwell's book, Becoming Daddy, to give away on our competitions pages.


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