DIY windmills

Make these delightful windmills, we'll show you how!

Paper windmills, or pinwheels, make charming party props or take-home toys, and they can fit any theme or colour scheme thanks to the vast array of beautiful paper available at the likes of Spotlight.

You will need:
Coloured card or paper - scrapbooking paper works really well.
Dowling sticks (available at Spotlight), or you could use pencils


1. Cut paper into squares of any size you like (ours were approximately 15cm x 15cm) and then fold in half to make a triangle.


 2. Cut along your fold line about 1/3 of the way across from each side.


 3. Take each of the points created by the cut (you will have 4 points) and fold them one at a time into the centre (bend the paper over without making a crease) where you fasten them all together by pushing a pin through each layer.


 4. The pin will then push through the back of the paper windmill where you need to also place a bead (this helps the windmill spin freely) before sticking the pin into the dowel. With thicker materials (including a thicker dowel) you could use a small nail instead of a pin. We gently used a hammer to ensure the pin had gone securely into the wood.







Published 5 April 2013


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