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Known as a super food, broccoli is packed with nutrients. As well as vitamin C, folate and fibre, it provides beta-carotene and phyto-chemicals said to fight many chronic diseases.

Storage: Broccoli should be stored in a plastic bag in the fridge. One school of thought says broccoli, along with other leafy greens, cabbage and cauliflower, should be kept away from ethylene-producing foods, such as apples, avocados, tomatoes, melons, peaches and pears, which speed up the ageing process, quickly reducing the quality.

Cooking: For best nutritional results cook broccoli briskly by steaming or boiling in a little water. It's best when it's still a deep green and slightly crunchy. 

Meal ideas: Some children love broccoli, but if you're struggling to make it appealing try these suggestions:

  • A basic cheese sauce can make broccoli more palatable, but depending on your child's taste buds you could try a simple vinaigrette with oil, vinegar and a teaspoon of mustard or try sesame oil, honey and a dash of soy sauce.
  • If you're feeling adventurous try broccoli croquettes. Cook and mash or purée the broccoli and mix with egg, grated cheese and lots of breadcrumbs until the consistency is like scone dough. Fry in spoonfuls with a little oil.
  • Make a pasta salad with bacon pieces, spiral pasta, broccoli florets, cherry  tomatoes, parsley and mushrooms or feta. Toss in a light, sweet vinaigrette.


Issue 15In Season4Baby recipe
(seven months plus)
3 small florets of broccoli
1/4 cup of chopped sweet potato
A little turnip

1. Wash and steam/boil the vegies until soft.
2. Thin the vegies with fluid until it is a smooth paste.



* Recipes supplied by nutritionist Leanne Cooper are available in her books Recipes for Fussy Foodies and What Do I Feed My Baby?



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