10 high-performing foods kids can eat every day

OHbaby! nutritionist Anna Hansen explains the nutritional benefits
of 10 high-performing foods kids can eat every day!

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As a nutritionist and a mum, I love looking at ways to incorporate nourishing food into kids’ lives. Giving children a taste for healthy food while they are small sets them up with a palate for good food, influencing their food choices for life.

When nourishing our children, the best place to start is with fruit and vegetables. A range of colour on your child’s plate means they are getting a range of goodness, as each colour offers a different combination of nutrients. Ideally, half of your child’s plate should be fruit and veges at each meal and snack.

Lean protein foods are important for growing kids. While fish, chicken, eggs and lean red meat are often parents’ go-to protein foods, it’s also worth introducing plant-based proteins like lentils, chickpeas and beans to your children when they are young.

Healthy fats (including omega-3s) are essential for growing brains and hearts. Avocado, nuts, seeds and oily fish are great sources of the fat growing bodies crave.

Calcium is really important for growing bones. Dairy products provide this essential mineral, but so do nuts, seeds, beans and green leafy vegetables.

Last but not least, wholegrains provide energy your active children need to keep going.

Here are ten foods from these categories that I recommend feeding your kids every day:


Anna Hansen (BSc, Human Nutrition and Psychology) is a mum with three young kids and a nutritionist with a passion for showing people how easy it is to eat for health.

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