5 things to do before number two (or three or four) arrives

Adding another baby to the mix? Life is understandably going to get even busier, so it pays to get a few things organised before the birth of your next child. Here's what was at the of our to-do lists when preparing for the arrival of second (or third, or fourth, or fifth!!) babies!

1. Stock up. Spread the cost (and the organisation) of all the extra supplies you will require over the months leading up to the birth. Buy extra nappies, wipes, maternity pads, breast pads, laundry powder, and toilet paper and stash them away. It helps to have plenty of the basics in stock before shopping gets a whole lot more challenging!

2. Cook and freeze. Any meals, soup and baking you can prepare ahead and stash in your freezer will be appreciated once your next baby arrives. We guarantee it! Also, buy plenty of fast dinner solutions (fish cakes, fresh pasta, pizza bases, tinned food etc) and stock up the freezer and pantry so you have plenty of easy meals at hand for hungry toddlers.

3. De-clutter. New babies come into this world with nothing, but pretty quickly seem to accumulate plenty of stuff! Take some time before baby's arrival to go through your home and donate/recycle/throw out any items (including toys, books and clothes) you don't need or want, creating some space and helping you feel more calm and organised in your home.

4. Organise birthday/Christmas gifts. Purchase and stash away birthday presents for family members and even Christmas presents if December is looming, to save yourself the stress of shopping (or even forgetting special dates!) with a new baby in tow.

5. Take a break. Book in a weekend away with your family as it is, before it expands! Use the time to focus on your partner and your child (or children), reminding them how special they are and how exciting it is that another family member is coming to join the team!

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