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12 Mar 2012 | by OHbaby!

  • Flea1 - on 30/07/2013 LIKE
    Reviewing Kaloba® Do you want to keep those winter bugs away? How about reviewing ®?   ® concentrated,...
    We received this as my daughter was getting a cold. She didn't like the taste but I think it did help with her cold. It didn't linger as many colds seem to do these days. Easy to give to the kids too. Thanks for letting us review.
  • Flea1 - on 13/07/2011 LIKE
    Reviewing Tommee Tippee Discovera active sporty cups (18+mths) We have 5 Tommee Tippee Discovera active sporty 18+ mths cups up for review. Discovera cups are...
    My daughter would love to trial this :)
  • Flea1 - on 26/04/2011 LIKE 1 Like
    Reviewing Angelcare Sound and Movement Monitor Why this monitor? It combines a quality sound monitor and a movement monitor in a single...
    I love our angel monitor. We used it with both our girls. It was real peace of mind. We had a couple of false alarms too but fixed the sensitivity. I really recommend this product. I wouldn't have been without it.
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