Special time ideas with your little one

Infants 0-12 months
Meeting your littles one's basic needs in the early months is most important and special time in and of itself. You can also set aside time for tummy time together, playing with toys and (safe) household items. Enjoying the outdoors and singing songs can be lots of fun as well as being fundamentally important to development.

Some Ideas for special time with infants: 0-12 months
1. Breastfeed (bottle-feed with nurturing touch)
2. Hugs
3. Counting little toes/little fingers
4. Play with soft toys
5. Use a baby carrier to walk around with you - staying connected
6. Look at picture books together
7. Read nursery rhymes
8. Sing to him/her
9. Dance with him/her in your arms, or if they're walking holding their hands
10. Build with blocks
11. Flip through soft, tactile picture books
12. Lay baby on his/her back and chat, sing and make faces
13. Play in the mirror
14. Play with fabrics of different textures
15. Take a walk to see the trees and flowers around the neighbourhood
16. Play with scraps of fabric to explore textures
17. Stack cups and then topple them over and start again - this can get a few giggles!
18. Crawl around together
19. Play Peek-a-boo
20. Make up a song with your child's name

21 Put a hat on and take it off again, then put it on baby and take it off again

22 Blow bubbles and watch them float around and pop

23 Sit or lie baby where he or she can see shadows moving


Parents that regularly set aside time for special time often notice an increase in cooperation, respect and overall happiness in their child and even in their feelings towards parenting.

So many more possibilities….What’s your favorite special time activity? I would love to add it to the list – leave your comment below!


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