Peace of mind at sleep time with VTech and SIDS and Kids

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Ensuring safe sleeping for all newborns with VTech and SIDS and Kids 

Every parent loves to watch their baby sleeping peacefully. It’s a special gift, after dealing with some of the not so fun parts of parenting while they are awake. Watching them take each breath can be comforting after leaving the safety and security of the maternity ward, and the maternal urge to stay next to their bed to ensure their safety is strong. However reality kicks in and you quickly realise that when baby is sleeping you should be sleeping too, or at least attempting to get the washing hung out. So how do you step away from the bed and out of the room with the peace of mind that your baby is safe and sound? We talked to VTech, a world leader in innovative products, about baby monitors and partnering with SIDS and Kids. 062-BM3500_MRec -300x 250px -R01; X -apple -part -url =064846FF-EAE0-496F-9203-04225E57FEE2.jpg

VTech and their Safe&Sound® baby monitors, have long been recognised as one of the leading brands in New Zealand for safety and secure monitoring of sleeping babies. This is why VTech and SIDS and Kids, a New Zealand community based organisation, are proudly partnering to support education and awareness of safe sleeping practices, and promote the correct use of baby audio and video monitors for new and expectant mums. 

“This is a welcome recognition of VTech’s Safe&Sound baby monitor product range, which has always prided itself on delivering safety to parents and their children” explains Mark Franklin, Managing Director at VTech Telecommunications. 

VTech has a comprehensive line up of baby monitors, making it super easy for parents to choose a baby monitor that’s right for them. VTech were carefully chosen as the exclusive baby monitor partner to the SIDS campaign, not only for a list of monitor functions, but because of a rather impressive key feature.  All VTech monitors are designed to work without being attached to the cot, thereby eliminating any potential hazard to baby. 

When you choose a VTech baby monitor, you’re also supporting the VTech and SIDS and Kids partnership, because a proportion of all baby monitor sales goes to fund the delivery of Safe Sleeping Education programs within New Zealand. 

One of the most popular monitors in the VTech range is the BM3500 Safe & Sound Pan & Tilt Video Monitor. This VTech design is wall mountable and has a 270 degree pan and 124 degree tilt camera, complete with infra red capabilities for night use. This monitor can watch over four baby units (additional baby units available separately), which is a relief for families with very young children. VTech has generously gifted one of these monitors to giveaway so be sure to keep checking the OHbaby! facebook page for the chance to win this awesome product!

For more on the complete range of monitors available, plus stockist information, head on over to VTech.

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