Putting Dorothy Waide to the test!


People ask us from time to time whether seeing Dorothy Waide our Baby Expert really makes a we asked Dorothy if we could put her to the test.

Check out second time, incredibly sleep deprived mum - Jill's first hand account and report back to us on her experience with Dorothy! 


Sleep. Prior to the birth, you take it for granted.  It’s in the same category as air and sunlight.  It’s just there.  If you burn the candle at both ends and get a bit sleep deprived, you just sleep in until mid-day in order to catch up.  After three months with a crying baby, you begin thinking that 8 hours of unbroken sleep is just a concept.  An unattainable dream.

As parents of an 18 month old, we knew that there would be difficult days ahead with a new-born joining our family.   However, after three months I was expecting to see the faint glimmer of the light at the end of the tunnel.  At 6 months, our darling girl was still waking 10 times a night. This was not in the script! 

Friends and well-meaning parents said, ‘You must sleep when the baby sleeps’. Well how is that possible when you have a full on 2 year old boy and your baby doesn't sleep?! After reading blogs, books and asking friends and family for advice, I started to feel hopeless. Despite our best efforts nothing was working. 

After seeing a paediatrician Sienna was diagnosed with reflux and colic.  Our first baby was a dream, sleeping through the night at 10 weeks; we found having a new-born was a piece of cake.  Having a crying baby with reflux was completely different and something that has to be experienced to be believed.

After 6 months of no sleep I decided we should call Dorothy.   

After our first phone conversation she gave me tips and advice I could use straight away. She assured me that we could change Sienna's behaviour and that things would get better. Dorothy sent me a specific plan for our baby and our family dynamics. Many of the books I was reading on sleep advice didn't take in account having an active toddle that needed an outing every day, that fact that our children were sharing a room and Sienna having reflux. Dorothy sent us a meal plan (including recipe suggestions), sleep plan and techniques to resettle Sienna. 

After sticking to the plan for two weeks Sienna was sleeping through the night! Words can’t explain how getting a full night sleep increased the sanity of our family. We had more energy and patience with our toddler, enjoyed spending time together as a family, and I felt like I could get through the day.

Some babies will sleep through the night no problem, others like Sienna need extra help learning how to self-settle and sleep. My only regret is that I didn’t contact Dorothy sooner. If we decide to have another baby (too early to make that decision at the moment!) we will be calling her sooner rather than later. The first 6 months of Sienna’s life is such a blur, I hardly remember anything. Had I contacted Dorothy sooner things may have been different. Third time around I’m going to have her number on speed dial!  As they say the best gift you can give a new mother is a full night sleep.

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