Best of Both Worlds as a PORSE Educator


Nurturing, loving consistent relationships provide the foundations that all children need in order to flourish. The most natural setting to foster this in, is the home, with mum and dad. However, many mums and dads need to work. That’s why PORSE created a Natural Childcare Solution, based on replicating the authentic environments, attached one-on-one relationships and real-life experiences that children would have with their mum and dad.

Angela Coop thinks she has the best of both worlds, as she is able to be a stay-at-home-mum while working as a PORSE Educator.

“I love that I can spend time being part of my own children’s early childhood education while caring for other children in our community.”

Having also studied the New Zealand Certificate in Early Childhood & Care through PORSE, Angela knows that the most important experiences, bar none, are relationships. The better the relationships in a child’s life, the more the brain reaches its potential.

Decades of neuroscientific findings have made it clear that the human brain does most of its wiring in the first 1,000 days after birth. A baby’s brain is genetically and biologically designed to gather information during this time. Therefore, the first three years of a child’s life is a critical time for their developing brain.

Genes provide a blueprint, but the way they are expressed comes down to the experiences during the early years. Positive experiences are powerful and make lasting connections in the brain which can help set up a child for later learning, behaviour and health.

Not only does Angela play an important part in the development of her own children but the children she cares for.

“I have a great relationship with the children I care for and they know I’m their go-to person when their parents are at work. I’ve watched them grow and develop alongside my own children – we’re like a blended family.”

All Educators with PORSE are supported with ongoing personal development and learning. For registered teachers wishing to maintain their practising certificate, PORSE pays the cost of maintaining this AND Educators new to PORSE are supported with a $500 Kick Starter Kit.

If you’re interested in working in an authentic environment that allows you to be at home with your children while earning an income call us on today 0800 023 456 or visit

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