No need to rug up indoors


You can have a warmer and healthier home this winter without breaking the bank.

To protect your little ones during the colder months, has loads of great tips and practical advice on how you can keep the heat in and the dampness out of your home right now. Any heater, heat pump or woodburner gives out heat, but how can you know you’ve picked the perfect one for your family? Is it the right size? Will it go the distance? Is it really worth forking out for a pricey model?

Consumer NZ has the answers to all these questions and more. Its independent, expert advice, surveys, online calculators and testing will steer you towards your ideal heating option, perfect for keeping the family warm and your power prices down.

Dampness is a big issue in many Kiwi homes, not only is it bad for your health, it’s harder to keep a damp home warm, so it’s bad for your bank balance as well. Consumer NZ has quick and easy fixes for reducing moisture in your home, and recommendations for buying the best dehumidifier. While you’re on the site, we recommend you check out more of Consumer’s family and home-related test results and research.

Access to all this information, and much more, on starts from just $7 for 7 days.

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