S-26 GOLD Toddler just got an upgrade!


If you have a growing, high energy toddler in your home (because let’s be honest, what toddler isn’t!), you will already be aware of the constant need to be re-fuelling their bodies with nutritious food. It’s no surprise how quickly your active toddler can grow both physically and mentally. Sometimes it can be hard to meet all of their nutritional needs when all they want to eat is bread!

Having a toddler who is going through a fussy eating phase can be difficult. The toddler stage is a key time to be introducing new foods into a child’s diet. The concern that comes when parents think they aren’t feeding their child the right foods and in turn not getting the right nutrition is hard. Meal times can potentially become stressful for the parent as well as the child. As a parent it’s important to remember it is very common to have a toddler go through this phase and almost every parent will need to deal with it at some stage. It’s not something to become stressed about and it’s good to remember throughout this time that this too shall pass and this is a phase your child should eventually grow out of.

In the mean time you can help by ensuring their diet is nutritious through other means such as toddler milk drinks. Milk drinks are designed so that when toddler’s energy and nutrient intakes may not be adequate they will receive additional energy and nutrients including essential vitamins and minerals. These drinks are perfect for children who are going through a fussy eating phase and need an extra boost in nutrition.

Toddler milk drinks, such as S-26 GOLD Toddler, can be enjoyed supplementary to a varied diet, as they specially formulated with age appropriate vitamins and minerals your child needs to help support growth and development. Just perfect for that fussy eating phase!

So how do you choose the right milk drink for your toddler in today’s world of never ending choices? Firstly, it is important to educate yourself about what are your toddler’s nutritional needs. Secondly, it makes sense to stick with brands that other mums trust and love!

S-26 GOLD Toddler milk drink is one of NZ’s leading and trusted brands with over 100 years of infant nutrition research and development. S-26 GOLD Toddler has just had an upgrade. Their toddler milk drink is now their most advanced formulation yet with its new Omega 3 blend. It is a source of 16 essential vitamins and minerals, including:

  • Iron & iodine to help support early growth and normal brain development.
  • Calcium and vitamin d for strong teeth and bones.
  • Vitamins A, C, D & iron and zinc to help support the immune system.

S-26 GOLD Toddler milk drink can be enjoyed supplementary to a varied diet when energy and nutrient intakes may not be adequate. Your toddler will love this vanilla-flavoured milk drink too!

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