Shift to Powershop and take control of your power bill. Plus get $150 free power credit when you sign up!



There’s nothing more scary than getting a power bill at the end of the month and not knowing – or understanding – why it’s so high and how you’ve used so much power. But that’s where Powershop come in.

Powershop put the power in your hands. From when you buy power, to how much you buy, you are in control and there’s no more nasty surprises. If that’s not sweet enough, when you switch your main home to Powershop, you’ll receive $150 free power over your first 12 months. On top of that, you’re also guaranteed to save in your first 12 months, which was an offer my husband and I couldn’t refuse when we were looking for a new power company three years ago.

When we first starting looking for a new power company, to us, they all seemed the same. When we came across Powershops guaranteed savings & free credit deal, it was an offer too good not to explore further. Having looked into what Powershop offered we soon realised that power companies weren’t all the same and it was a no-brainer for my husband and I to switch!

Living in the technical age, it makes sense to use a power provider that gives you the control and visibility of your spend. Powershop’s smartphone app has been a game-changer for us, as it allows us to view all our historic usage so that we can see trends and make wiser decisions around energy use. The app also tracks how much power we’ve currently used and predicts what our bill will be for the end of the monthly period, which has resolved much of the bill-shock we used to experience in the past when a bill arrived in the mail at the end of the month! My husband (who is a tech-head) admits that he enjoys being able to monitor our power usage throughout the month, especially throughout winter, to avoid those big heating expenses.

Power usage and monitoring was never something we considered or even knew you were able to do. We didn’t even consider conserving or thinking through what we used as a family. I hate to admit it, but lights and heaters were left on all over the place! With Powershop we’ve been able to monitor our usage more closely, right down to the half hour, resulting in a better understanding of our families power usage.

As a family we have also started having conversations with our kids around our power usage through using the heatmap tool. With this tool we can track our usage down to the half hour, so you can see exactly what time of day you're using the most power. The heatmap can also help you understand where you could become more energy efficient and save power and money.

By being organised we have also been able to make further savings through buying discounted power in advance for future months. It's very rewarding to log into the app and be presented with our total savings for the year - which really adds up (so far we're on $635 savings for the year).


Not only are there cost savings but you can also choose to purchase green energy (energy generated via a green source such as wind power), and sometimes Powershop will offer a Powerpack which supports a charity, such as Sustainable Coastlines.



If you’re not a Powershop customer but you want to be, you can join New Zealand’s most loved power company and sign up now. Plus, you’ll get $150 free power over your first year! Take back the power today!




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