Why settle for second best? Choose the ‘wonder fibre’ all year round!


Imagine if the seasons didn’t change and instead, the same season just went on and on. Clothing and bedding wouldn’t need to be switched out for the cooler months and stored away for the warmer months. Just think of the money, storage space and decision time we would save!

However despite these small inconveniences how awesome is it that we do have the four seasons to keep life interesting and moving as it should. So what could be better than buying products made of materials that can be used throughout the four seasons with no need for swapping and storing?

Lets hear it for Merino! The wonder fibre that keeps baby warm when it’s cold and cool when it’s hot. Its the perfect way to regulate babies temperature through spring, summer, autumn and winter.

We love superfine merino, not only because we can keep using it no matter the temperature, but it also:

  • Regulates temperature better than any other fibre e.g. cotton, bamboo and normal merino
  • Helps baby sleep better and longer
  • Helps reduce symptoms of eczema too!












So how does it do this?

Merino breaths and controls moisture, meaning that it has the natural ability to respond to changes in temperature. It does this by absorbing perspiration from the skin and releasing it into the air. Meaning your child won’t feel clammy since humidity between the skin and garment is lessened.

Merino helps babies regulate and maintain their temperature allowing them to become more relaxed, gain weight and sleep better by improving sleep patterns.

Skin allergies are minimised because superfine merino isn’t itchy and it allows the skin to breath keeping the skin dry and less prone to eczema.

And what else do we love about merino?

It is so easy to care for - with its natural elastic property, merino made garments bounce back and look like new after each wash, and its 100% natural! With so many items made out of merino - from clothing to hats, blankets to sleeping bags, the options are abounding.

What more could you want :)





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