What Meghan Markle will be doing having announced her baby news!


Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, is pregnant with her first child and will give birth next year. The new baby, seventh in line for the throne, will probably take the surname Sussex, in line with how Prince William’s children, George, Charlotte and Louis have all taken Cambridge as their last name.

But what will Meghan and Harry call their little royal? Prince Harry has always been the cooler royal brother, so with Meghan’s casual American chic-ness, could we expect a Storm or perhaps a Raven in the palace? Probably not, it’s more likely the couple will go for a traditional name, although not necessarily a properly ‘royal’ name. Sophia could be in the running, as could Spencer, the surname of Harry’s mother, Princess Diana.

Bookmakers reported Victoria as the top name in the running, with Alice and Elizabeth next. For boys the top three names were Albert, Arthur and Alexander.

So what will Meghan need to be thinking about right now? She’s currently on tour with Harry in Australia, so will be taking extra care to eat well and get plenty of rest. She's reportedly had her twelve-week scan, so she's over the worst of the nausea and fatigue (and we didn't notice a thing!). She’ll be planning her maternity wear, because as a royal, she has a duty to look good - at all times, although for lovely Meghan that won’t be hard. She’ll be reading up on pregnancy health and wellbeing, and making up lists of dietry requirements with her nutritionist, and making sure she doesn’t eat anything ‘dodgy’ while on tour. She’ll have been advised to take supplements to help give her baby the best possible start, and will be figuring out a workout plan that she can easily do with a baby on board. She’ll also be in regular contact with an obstetrician, who will be her lead maternity carer until the baby is born. What an exciting time for the newlyweds; we wish them well! 


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