Birth and Labour

Giving birth for the first time is something new and exciting, it can also be a bit worrying not knowing exactly how it is going to go.
I prepared for labour by reading everything I could, by praying and reading scripture, by exercising and practising optimal foetal positioning, I also had a very awesome supportive midwife, husband and mum.

I basically leaned on Jesus for my labour, my waters broke at midnight and then the contractions started about and hour later. They were quite strong but bearable, I found it comfortable to sit on the toilet, it took the pressure away somehow. I then made my way to hospital about an hour later, it was comfortable to kneel on all fours on the back seat.  When I got to the maternity hospital I was already 10cm dilated and ready to push.  I had a very peaceful beautiful water birth with no drugs and a realitively short labour, just under 5 hours.  I had prayed for a water birth and to do it without drugs, and I was blessed to experience this.  The water was great it helped me relax and focus, it also allowed me to stretch gently. My son was born at 5.45am, weighing 8 pounds, we went home that afternoon to start our life together.

It is very important to be informed about what will be happening to you and your baby during labour, it really helps to know the stages of labour and the pros and cons of medical intervention. I wasn't anti-drugs, I just preferred to try and have a natural birth. I reccommend giving birth in the water, do some research to put any worries at ease.

A website I used and found really helpful was

Good luck all you expecting Mums, being informed, being pro-active, and having faith can all contribute to a wonderful, peaceful birth experience.




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