Born in the car: baby Sara

Mums are usually more relaxed about birth the second time around, so when Kellys Osorio Castaño’s contractions started, she popped out to the grocery shop. She tells her story to Christine Nikiel.

Kellys’s hospital bag was already packed and she’d had a long labour with her first baby, Samuel so she figured there was plenty of time before the baby would come.

After grocery shopping, she had lunch (a spicy prawn laksa) at home with her mother, who was staying, her husband Fernando and their two-year old son Samuel.

“I thought, ‘I don’t need to go yet, I’m ok’, and I wanted to put off going to the hospital as long as possible,” Kellys says.

“The midwife tells you that when the contractions are five minutes apart and one minute long it’s time to go, so I waited for that, but it never happened, they were all over the place.”

When the contractions got stronger, Kellys had a shower and did her hair, all the while the contractions getting stronger and more painful. She was on the floor when she felt the urge to push and her waters broke. Her mother saw Kellys and told Fernando it was most definitely time to go! He packed towels around Kellys and they set off from their Takanini home. After two blocks Kellys remembered she hadn’t brought her wallet with the documents she needed, so Fernando had to turn around and drive back to get them. They set off again to Auckland Hospital along the notoriously congested Southern motorway.

“I felt so much pressure and I knew the baby was coming, but I still believed we’d have time to get to hospital,” Kellys laughs.

It was 5pm on a Saturday – they were very lucky it wasn’t a weekday, Kellys says vehemently – and there was some traffic heading toward the city. They got as far as Sylvia Park when Kellys told Fernando to pull over – “now!” When Fernando turned to look at her he saw the baby’s head. He pulled over to the side of the motorway, leaped from the car and got to Kellys just in time to catch his new daughter.

Fernando covered his wife and child with the towels to keep them warm and called the ambulance. Kellys was a minor celebrity at hospital as the story of the roadside birth made its way around the maternity ward.

Kellys stayed in Parnell’s Birthcare maternity hospital for a few days before heading home with baby Sara.

The couple, who are from Colombia, say they’re very grateful that Sara was fine and there were no complications, and joke that the spicy prawn laksa Fernando made for lunch had sped things up for Kellys!



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