Good catch, Dad! Baby Callum Lang

I had wanted to know the sex of the baby at my 19 week scan but my husband didn't want to know. We had two healthy daughters and we really wanted a son, but my husband had convinced himself the baby was to be a girl.  My best friend came to the scan with me, and she found out what the baby was. She said she would tell me if I really, really wanted to know, but I knew if I found out so early I would tell everyone!

At about 34 weeks I really wanted to know and after some convincing, my friend told me.  I told a few people who were close to me and who I knew wouldn't tell my husband, otherwise I kept it quiet. 

At 37 weeks my BP started going up, I had back pain, and was generally starting to have quite enough of being so hot and uncomfortable. I was hoping it wouldn't be long before labour started.  At every midwife visit, I would hope they would just magically say I was ready to go and wouldn't see them at the clinic next week, but they didn't. 

Two days before having the baby I had been at the midwife and the baby's head wasn't even engaged!  I could stay this way for another two weeks!  I was taking the rasberry leaf tea, and wanted my husband to take me for a ride on a bumpy road. It was a long weekend coming up, and our fourth wedding anniversay, and I wanted this baby out!

On Jan 26th I dropped my oldest daughter off at a friend's house for a few days so I only had my three-year old at home.  I had no twinges whatsoever, so I went home and did the gardening (which is highly out of character for me!)  I had romantic night of a spicy dinner and candles planned for the next night for our anniversary.  I went to bed at about 10:30 that night, and at 12am I woke feeling the need to go to the toilet as you do every two hours! 

I went back to bed and woke half an hour later with my waters breaking. We had just moved into our first home and had a brand new bed and no way was I going to ruin my bed with my waters breaking, so I ran down to the bathroom! I went back to bed and woke my husband after having a few contractions. He jumped into the shower and I called the midwife, she said to call her back when my contractions were five minutes apart and lasting a minute. That could be ages, I thought, so we curled up on the couch and timed the contractions, and at 2am I told my husband to go get the babysitter for our daughter who was in bed. 

While he was gone I called the midwife telling her the contractions were five minutes apart and lasting one minute. Tthey were pretty easy, and I didn't even want any painkillers. Not two minutes after my husband and the babysitter got home, we needed to go, but as I tried to get off the couch I had one almighty contraction and my husband had to pull me off the couch. 

I walked six steps into the kitchen where I had another contraction and a huge, huge urge to push, so naturally I did, much to my husband's disgust! He was picking up the bags to put into the car, and made it to the front door. I went to the toilet when the baby was crowning.  He rang the midwife while I struggled to get my pants off, but by the time my husband had run to the lounge to answer the phone (the midwife rang) the baby had just come right out! He got to me just in time to catch it by the legs just as it landed in the toilet! 

I held the baby as my husband spoke to the midwife and checked me and baby, then rang the ambulance. Seven minutes later the ambulance turned up and sorted us both out, it wasn't until the operater asked what the sex of the baby was that I checked to make sure it was what my friend had told me.  My husband had just delivered his third child. A son!

He weighed in at 6pd 13 oz and is just gorgeous. My husband has told everyone he knows how he caught him and how quick the labour was - he is still up on a cloud somewhere!  Callum Charles Lang was the perfect fourth wedding anniversary present!




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