My Labour and Birth

It was a crisp sunny Monday September morning at 11.00am. I was 8 days overdue for our first child and growing not only in size but also impatient. I badly wanted to meet our baby.

My midwife placed her cold hands on my belly and had a feel around then hooked me up to a monitor to check babies heart rate and movements. She said I would be connected for 20 mintutes, I lay their watching the neddle scratching up and down recording slight contractions on the paper. My midwife confirmed that I was in very early stages of labour. My heart began to race with excitment.

I remained on the monitor for another 40 mintues to confirm that these were infact contractions and not a false alarm. Due to having Strep B, I was asked to come back at 3.00pm that afternoon to see a specialist for an exam. When 3.00pm rolled on my husband and I met with the specialist. He did an internal examination and accounced that I was 3 centermeters dialated and suggested that I may go into full labour that night and give birth, if I didn't I was to meet him and my midwife at the hospital at 8.00am the next day to be induced.

My husband and I went home, told our families and waited. While eating dinner that night at 6.00pm I felt uncomfortable and bareable labour pains. I started to time them, they only lasted for a few seconds and only came every 30-40 mintues. After dinner I had a shower and checked that everything we needed was all packed loaded it into the car then went to bed.

At around 10.00pm I had a very upset tummy and quickly needed to get to the toilet, after 4 rounds of diarrhea and another shower to freshen up I went back to bed. Low and behold my sister in law rings me at midnight to see how I was doing, I was doing fine until she woke me up, I couldn't beleive she did that (it's a huge joke now).

Once I was woken my labour pains came back and quite strong this time. I kept checking the time and recording my contractions, I was having contractions every 5 mintues and they were lasting upto 40 seconds. I woke my husband to tell him I thought it was time to ring the midwife. At 2.00am we rang the midwife and told her how far apart the contractions were, she said she would meet us at hospital in 1 hour.

We made our journey to the car and drove to the hospital at 3.00am in the morning. I lay in the backseat rubbing my tummy and trying to focus on my breathing. Once at the hospital all I could do was pace back and forth in the delivery suite, no position seemed to be working, I bent over the end of the bed, I tried leaning over the towelrail, you name it I tried it.

During pregnancy I convinced myself not to take any painkillers unless it was absolutely nessessary, I was beginning to convince myself it was absolutely nessessary. I opted for pethadine at about 5.30am, it only made me feel like I needed to vomit - which I did - so refused anymore.

At 8.00am my midwife suggested I had an epidural as the monitor indicated that my baby was stressing out and I needed to keep claim. By this time I was exhausted, I had little sleep prior to coming in to hospital and I was hungry. Come 8.30am I was finally administered an epidural. To my relief I felt no further major labour pain. I was now starting to enjoy being in labour with minimal pain and the comfort of my husband, mother and father in the room with me.

By this stage I was 7 centimeters dialated, not long to go now. With the clock staring right at me on the wall infront of the bed time quickly passed and at 10.45am my midwife said I had to push as the monitor indicated further distress from the baby. It was time. My father left the room and waited outside with a brother in law. I felt her head with my hand as she started to come out.

We had planned for my husband to cut the cord and that the baby would lay on me for a while, but when she was born the cord was tied around her neck and she was not breathing, a doctor, a nurse and a house midwife were called for help during the end of my pushing. Our beautiful baby girl made an entrance at 11.49am. Our baby girl was quickly whisked away and my husband never got the oportunity to cut the cord. I remember asking why I couldn't hear my baby crying or making any baby noises. They had taken her behind me and were clearing her throat as she had poohed in her waters and swallowed some meconium.

After 2 minutes I heard her precious wimpering. The presence of God was definately felt. We have a perfectly healthy little girl now who will be 1 next month. I had amazing support during the delivery with my husband, mother, mother in law, sister in law and an awesome midwife present.




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