My Labour

My name is Renée and I am 25 years old.  I thought I would write about what my labour was like as it is something all first time pregnant women worry about and I was extremely scared of what was going to happen. 

I was two weeks overdue and had to be induced.  I was given a prostaglandin gel - it is inserted inside your vagina as close to the cervix as possible.  I thought that they would have to give me the gel three times (maximum dose) before anything would happen (lol).  But it only took one dose.

I was induced at 5pm.  I started having mild contractions (like period cramps) at about 7pm.  It happened fast!  The contractions got worse and worse.  At about 9pm my partner tried to go to sleep so that when I went into labour (the second stage) he would be awake and able to support me.  But I couldn't sleep and at about 11.30pm I was given Pethidine (pain killer - injected into my thigh).  But it didn't do anything for me and I couldn't sleep. 

I was having contractions every one to two minutes.  Eventually I got up and went to the toilet and got a hot drink.  When I lay back down after a while I had a contraction and I got up out of bed because they didn't hurt as much if I was standing up.  My waters broke!  At first I just thought I had wet myself!!  But my partner woke up and he got the Student Midwife that was on duty and she said it was definitely my waters.  I hadn't lost the whole lot though.  That was at about 2.30am.  The student Midwife examined me and said I was about 2cm dilated. 

After that the contractions got even more painful and I was screaming and crying and saying I wanted to die.  We had to wait for my Midwife to arrive before I went to the Delivery Suite.  It was a long wait!!!  I wanted more pain relief but they didn't want to give me any because it hadn't been four hours since the first lot.  I told her that I wanted to push.  The contractions were less painful then.  But she said not to because I could hurt the baby. 

When my midwife got to the hospital she examined me and I was 8cm dilated.  We went to the delivery suite.  They gave me a gas mask to breathe through.  It is meant to help but it didn't do anything either.  She examined me again and she said I could push now.  I realised that every time I was pushing the contractions didn't seem to hurt that much.  Because I was concentrating on the pushing and putting all my effort into it. 

The delivery was very fast - 14 minutes.  I had to push just a little then stop, then again and again until the head was delivered.  That was to try to prevent me from tearing - and I didn't!  I didn't need any stitches.  It only took 6 minutes to deliver the placenta.  I was given an injection in my thigh to deliver it.  So after all that pain here was my beautiful baby girl.  She weighed 8lbs and 3ozs.  She didn't look big though.  She was petite.  All I have to say is the labour was very painful and I didn't like it but it was worth it!!!  I wouldn't take it back.  Now Abby is two weeks old.  She is a little angel and I love her to pieces and I wouldn't change a thing.




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