My New-Found Energy

I thought I would write about what every Mother out there feels at one time or another. Tiredness to the point of exhaustion sometimes. You know, the I cant be bothered doing anything but feed my grubby kids day. I know I used to feel this, especially around that time of month when absolutely nothing got done at home for about three days and I caught up on all the soaps and then I would bounce out of that awful time to feeling renewed with energy which would last about a week and then slowly decline back to lethargy and stuck to the couch feeling again.

It was when I found that it was related to my cycle that I began to think that there was something not quite right. Why did I feel really great for only one week of my month and completely fall apart around my period? I wasn't on any contraception ( Found out nothing worked after my 3rd child and so gave up all forms after trying all) so I couldn't blame that. So I just thought I would live with it and do my best even though it frustrated me to no end.

Anyway my Mum only three months ago went through major surgery and had a full hysterectomy and needed to go on some form of HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy). My mum works for a womens health organisation and knew that most forms of HRT are really bad for some women and some have more side effects than good. So she went on a hunt for a natural HRT.

When she found one she rang me all excited and telling me that not only did it help her but that it would help me. So I told her to send me some info and I would look through it. I didn't really think it would help me as I was always being told to try one thing or another to help with my exhaustion and monthly problems (lots and lots of pain). So when I received it I just flicked through it and didn't really take any of it in until I noticed one heading that said 5 of the ingredients that was in this product are in breast milk. This caught my attention because only one of my boys was breastfeed due to complications with my other two and I always felt really guilty about it. You receive so much information when you are pregnant about how breast is best and that the best chance you give your baby is to breast feed them. Now I'm in no way implying that those statements aren't true, but you get so crammed with that info, that when you can't breastfeed, it easy to feel that you are a failure and your child is now going to die of some horrible disease that - if he was breastfeed he would not have.

So after I read this I went to find out more information and also started taking some of the product. (It was a natural food product so it couldn't harm me and if it didn't do anything, well at least I could say I tried it and mum wouldn't bug me about it again).

So after about 2 and a half months of full on research into the product and using it myself , I can't help but rave about it (as you can see).

I have never felt better in my life. No longer do I need at least 2 or 3 naps in the afternoon a week. I have experienced pain free periods and a bonus of my hormone spots on my face disappearing. I have had so much energy that my husband thinks I now have a compulsive cleaning disorder.

Because two of my boys were not breastfeed I have also started them on the kids products. Now I haven't noticed anything different with them, but they also had no problems to start with, but at least they will have a better start now they are getting some of what I couldn't give them before. I know that it does give help to kids with some of the child allergy's and ADHD problems.

The product is a plant derived nutritional supplement and is different to anything else on the market. I would tell you more about it but I would use up more space so much space you'd be scrolling forever. The product has loads of scientific research papers and articles written on it appearing in well known science and medical journals, also alot of doctors endorsing it and awards going to the company that manufactures it.

So you can see why i cant help but tell people and the people who I have told and tried the products have all felt relief from all sorts of problems. Thats what I have found so amazing, that everyone has, now I'm sure that I will meet someone who won't, but I haven't yet. This product is no snake oil wonder drug, but helps our body do the work of healing itself, which is why so many people get benefits in so many different areas. If you want to find out more information you can go to or email me at

Now when my house is a mess and my kids are running riot, its not because I am too tired to do a thing but because I am just too busy or downright lazy. :)

 If you want any information please email me or ring on (09) 6270075




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