My Pregnancy Story

It was a rough time for us as my husbands father passed away exactly one week before Christmas after a brave battle with cancer.

One week after Christmas the whole family went on a family holiday to chill out and think without being in our usual surroundings. I felt extremly tired but put it all down to the past weeks events. At the beginning of February I felt rather sick at a BBQ and thought it was something I had eaten. I was put off certain foods, drinks and smells.

That same week I was still feeling ill so I decided to go to the doctor. He took a pregnancy test and it confirmed that I was infact pregnant. I was so thrilled and overjoyed that I was going to be a parent. I drove straight to my husbands work to show him the positive pregnancy test and share the news, he wanted to leave early as he was so excited and couldn't believe what I had just told him.

We thought I was at least 3-4 weeks pregnant, but after blood tests and a scan I found that I was already 9 weeks pregnant. We calculated when I would have fallen pregnant and discovered we conceived the week before my father in law passed away. My husband and I were upset as we never found out in time to tell our sick father.  After the initial finding out why I felt sick I never had any other syptoms of being pregnant, no morning sickness followed. I had a very easy pregnancy and felt more energetic than ever, my hair and skin was at it's best. I only gained an extra 6kg's and felt great the whole way through. I carried nine days over my due date and with the fantasic support during the delivery with my midwife, husband, mother, mother in law and one of my sister in laws I gave birth to the most beautiful baby girl. She is the first grandchild for my family and the 5th for my husbands family. Because of the events that accured during and just after her conception she is very special to the whole family.

We are so very blessed that she arrived at the perfect time in our lives. A part of her coming when she did, makes me feel as though God knew she would bring our hearts alot of comfort and healing. Her name means: God's gracious gift.
Truely Blessed Mum



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