My short, sweet labour

I was 6 days overdue with our second baby and not only was I growing impatient, I was also growing in size and getting very uncomfortable too. Our first baby weighed 8lb 10oz so I was preparring myself for another biggish sized baby.

I cleaned up and went to bed at about 11pm. I woke shortly before 1am to painful labour pains, sore but bearable. I woke my husband to tell him "I'm pretty sure I'm in labour". "No you're not," he said and rolled back over.

I was pretty sure this was it, although it was a little strange because the pain was intense so fast - my first labour was slow and drawn out over a period of 26 hours in total.

I got out of bed, went to the loo where I noticed I had had a show... I hopped into the shower where I was making slow Mr Whippy type movements which helped with the pain a lot!

As I got out of the shower my waters broke, so I went back up stairs to get my husband, he ran back down as fast as ever and had a shower himself. I phoned my midwife, my mother and a friend who was to be at the birth for support also. All arrived within 20 minutes, by which time my labour pains were 3 mins apart and lasting at least a minute.

My midwife asked if I wanted to stay at home or go to the hospital - TO THE HOSPITAL - I exclaimed! So off we went, my mother stayed at home to look after our 19mth old.

My husband said he would phone my mother when it was time to come into the hospital for the delivery, but.... within 20minutes I had given birth to another beautiful little girl weighing in at 9lb 1oz.

My total time in labour from start to finish was 2hours!!!! I am still amazed now at how fast it was. Everything went well and I recovered without any problems at all. I have to say that the Mr Whippy movements helped with the pain - I highly recommend them to any woman in labour.




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