My wonderful surprise

I can still remember the day I found out, it was Anzac day and my partner and I were going to the beach for a picnic with all this yummy food that I couldn't eat, just looking at it made me feel sick (as it had for the past week). Then my partner suggested to me that we take a pregnancy test. Well I laughed at him at first, then I realised he was serious, so we went and got a test kit from the pharmacy and low and behold the two tests were positive! I couldn't believe it, I was shocked, I didn't believe it, so we went to the doctors and got another test done, again positive. My partner was over the moon, I was happy (but stunned) I cried for days, I couldn't concentrate at work, I thought it was all a dream.
After we told all my partners family and my own, who were all so excited to have another baby on the way, as my brother and his partner were having their first child in just 6 months, I felt alot better just talking about it with them and making a plan, it was great. My pregnancy was wonderful, I was very lucky, it didn't feel very real though until the day I felt him move, after that I couldn't get enough.
It was a bit hard as my partner and I were only 19 ( but had been together for 3 years before we found out and were and still are engaged), heaps of people were doubting us and saying how hard it would be, but with the support of his family and my own we have got so far, we have a home for our family, support is just around the corner, my son has a cousin to play with, plus another cousin by my same brother due in just 2 weeks, on my partners side my son has wonderful uncles and an aunty, the youngest being just five and most of all I thank god that he gave us this wondeful surprise.
He makes our lives complete, and is the most wonderful baby in the world, we can't imagin life without him now, and the plan for more babies is in the running. So, sometimes just because it isn't planned or expected, doesn't mean it is a bad thing.




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