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29 Dec 2012 | By Picky

La'bonic Sun Block - a completely chemical filter-free and natural sun protector for the whole family.
Made in New Zealand from certified organic and natural ingredients it's free from nasties like: Silicone, oxybenzone, avobenzone, PABA, cinnamate, PEG-emulsifiers. Added colours, alcohols, parabens, artificial fragrances, sulphates, and petro-chemicals. No chemical filters or nano-particles, either!
Non-greasy and gentle on even the most sensitive types of skin, La'bonic leaves no white film and is fine to use on anyone - from babies, to kids, to under makeup protection and the roll-on and tube are 100% vegan (stick contains beeswax). Reapply regularly and wash with running water if comes in contact with eyes.

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Lu Ferrer
Maria Meintjes
Heather Dillon
Sarah Nealon
Rose Lemon
Hannah Livingston
Cindy Christey
Anna Leckey
Elizabeth Anderson
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Din Rana

  • Picky - on 29/12/2012 LIKE
    We really like this sunscreen. It's easy to apply, has a subtle fragrance and it works really well. I would definitely buy this product!
  • Rose54 - on 26/12/2012 LIKE
    I was a bit unsure about this being a natural product, but now after using it on all ages we are sold on the product, love the light fragrance, easy to use,the roll on is easy to keep in my bag.definately a product to trust.Thanks for the chance to try this.
  • andweknowthis - on 18/12/2012 LIKE
    I love this! I love that it's not oily in the slightest, smells nice and has no nasties! And it works so well. The only thing that would make it better was if it came in a spray bottle!
  • Guest_62008 - on 16/12/2012 LIKE
    this is the best sunscreen i have ever used it goes on so easily and is non oily it has a faint smell which is very pleasant.I have uses it on myself and my 19 month old and will be telling my friends to buy it.
  • buddystevie - on 15/12/2012 LIKE
    Our family loves this little sunscreen! Easy to apply, smells just right for a sunscreen, and quite most importantly - it has no nasties which I love! Good size, it's not too bulky for a beach bag, no spill, easy to handle. We will definitely buy in future, would highly recommend this one. Thank you.
  • AnnaLeckey94411 - on 15/12/2012 LIKE
    What a great suncream. Lots of great things: I loved the fact that is is natural with no nasties, great that it works straight away, it is not greasy AT ALL, does not leave a white look as some other low irritant suncreams do. Our son has very olive skin but I only applied the suncream once in the morning, and after a day at school he was not burnt. Thank you
  • michelle97388 - on 14/12/2012 LIKE
    I like this product. Does not smell and easily applied although you do have to rub it in. I have very sensitive skin but had no problems with the product.
  • hannahmay321 - on 14/12/2012 LIKE
    Really lovde this sunscreen! Nice light fragrance. Easy to apply, unlike some reviews I didn't find the roll on too bad for applying to my wriggling 8 month old. Good protection for a few hours and in the water too. Really like all the organic and natural ingredients and how it actually reflects the sun, as opposed to other sunscreens when the sun is actually penetrating the skin. Would recommend and buy myself.
  • NatalieJones - on 14/12/2012 LIKE
    Great product! Was very keen to try due to being 'natural"...and it didn't disappoint. Nice smell, easy to apply - kids loved it and did it themselves! The convienence of the roll on has to be the best feature - small enough to fit into your handbag or school bag. The fact it also works instantly in a winner - kids not having to wait to go outside. No reactions so clearly ok for sensitive skins too! All round - great product!
  • nani123 - on 12/12/2012 LIKE
    I liked this sunblock. It has a very nice but subtle smell. It was easy to apply using the roll. It was a bit thick when smeared on which meant that I had to use a lot of this product to cover but it didn't leave any oily feeling on my skin. I also like that it is natural as I am usually very sensitive to sunscreen and I did not react to this product. I also liked that it works instantly as I can never remember to apply sunscreen before going in the sun. My only real complaint would be the packaging in which we received the product, for a company that prides themselves on using environmentally conscious ingredients they sure use a lot of packaging in relation to the product. (probably not relative to this review)
  • KellyJay - on 11/12/2012 LIKE
    Great product, goes on really easy and smells terrific. I love that I can actually get it on my toddler without covering myself. Covered him in it the other day and he ran around fully nude and did not get burnt. Great stuff, I will be buying it. Also love that I can have it in my purse as its not big and bulky.
  • Guest_80413 - on 10/12/2012 LIKE
    Loved this sunblock! Has a lovely smell (not overpowering at all) and doesn't feel too heavy or greasy on the skin. I have a 2 month old daughter and really like that this has all natural ingredients as I have been quite paranoid about what I put on her skin. Love that you get protection straight away and don't have to wait 15 mins before going out in the sun as I never remember in advance and hate having to wait! I liked the roll on application but would probably go for the squeezy tube especially as bubba gets more wriggly! Thanks very much for the opportunity to test this out!
  • pencils - on 10/12/2012 LIKE
    Our family road-toasted this in the weekend. Liked the fact that it didn't have a strong chemical-like smell. Am also pretty paranoid about the sun and the product's compact size meant it was perfect for carrying around in the nappy bag or the hand bag and re-applying every few hours. The only thing I didn't like was the fact that it was a roll-on. Found it took me twice as long to smear it on an impatient two-year-old. Would buy it again but only if it had a squirt-on or spray-on application.
  • Tendra - on 10/12/2012 LIKE
    Love that it works straight away not like most where you have to wait 15min before going in the sun, when my daughter wants out, she wants out! Great that its in a roll on as I usually seem to end up with me sunblock between my fingers than on her with the ones you squeeze. Also so good that its safe for the WHOLE family so dont have to take a different sunblock for each member of the family, just take one!! Oh and it smells good!
  • miss_bling - on 10/12/2012 LIKE
    I am a sunblock freak - and my family aren't allowed to leave the home without a good coating, so I was so happy to try this product. This is a fantastic product, and I'll be making the switch. It's great that the whole family can use it. Love that you can put it on and go outside straight away. It smelt nice, and isn't greasy/oily... you don't really notice it once its on. I'm a big fan for it not being a chemical block and that nothing is absorbed in the skin. Love that everyone can use the same sunblock too. The roller applicator is a bit tricky with a wriggly toddler, but for adults it's good - so I'd probably buy the tube for the little one. The only other thing that wasn't clear on packaging or on the web page from what I could see was whether it's okay in water for swimming etc... Thanks again for introducing me to a great product!
  • Rebecca 4 - on 08/12/2012 LIKE
    Thanks for letting us review this sun block I love how you can use it for all the family and its great that its good for sensitive skin.Its good that it is not sticky like some sun blocks.And does not mark your clothes.I like that it comes in a roll on as that is good for the kids to use as they do not squeeze it every where.its all so good that it is SPF 30 Broadspectrum
  • din97736 - on 06/12/2012 LIKE
    Love this sun block. Glides on well and didn't get any skin reactions.

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