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06 Nov 2012 | By AngieBaby

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  • AngieBaby - on 06/11/2012 LIKE
    I wouldn't like to say I'm a cynic, but sometimes there are fitness products on the market that I do turn my nose up to - think 'abdominser' etc. To think that a machine can help you get an amazing work out in a quarter of the time is just not what my mind has been trained to think...but it's true! When the Powerplate arrived at my house for me to use and review, I was pleasantly surprised at two things, 1. it didn't take up that much room in the house and 2. it was white - it looked great with the white walls in the house and blended in nicely. The power plate is very easy to use - the screen had video's of every move you needed to do and you could pick your workout based on your desired outcome e.g. fat burner (Yes please!), cardio, muscle building etc. There is a real focus on building core strength and there are post pregnancy pelvic floor strengthening programmes that are ideal for postpartum mums. There was about a week's gap between me using the power plate on my own and having a personal trainer show me how to use the power plate. At first I thought it was really easy and didn't feel too much 'burn' that friends had told me to expect. 1 personal trainer session later and I realised I hadn't quite been doing it the way it was intended and by sucking in my core, and following the trainers instructions I was counting down the seconds for some of the work outs to stop! OUCH! It was amazing, my heart rate was up, I had worked up a serious sweat in my 15 minute session and I felt like I had done a great workout after it! I seriously recommend sessions with a trainer with it to get the most out of using it and making sure you're using it right! During the time I had the power plate to review, I was/am also on a diet - my consultant told me that I should only do 3 sessions a week on the power plate tops and always have a rest day between sessions (the trainer told me that also - so muscles get to recover) and that was all i needed to do in terms of exercise each week as it is a serious work out! Bliss! This worked absolutely perfectly in my hectic schedule - with running a business, looking after kids, after school activities, LIFE!! I am sure you know what I mean :) Over the weeks that I used the power plate I lost 6kg and about 24 cm (that's calculated from around my body, arms, legs etc) so I was pretty darn fact sad to see the power plate go and now I would LOVE one! I thoroughly enjoyed the powerplate - the kids did too! You can also use it for a massage post work out which is great as well! One take from this was I was recently overseas and was invited to do some paddle boarding. I'm still not a tiny thing and I think the instructor thought I would find it hard - he told me "you need a good core" for this...well...I love that challenge and having built up my core over 6 weeks plus I was up for the challenge and I think I surprised him with just how easy I did it straight away! The core training paid off :) YEAH!!! :) The power plate left last week and I must say I do miss it! It fit perfectly with my keen desire to work out and my lack of time - I could always find 15 minutes to fit a workout in :)

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