Baby on the move - Claire Turner and Fena Bavastro

Directors Claire Turner (left) and Fena Bavastro formed Baby On The Move in 2008. It's a nationwide franchise company owned and operated by experienced mums and in some cases dads as well. They answer our questions on juggling the business with raising children.Issue14MIB5

Claire: As a child I wanted to be a... Travel agent. My parents took me on a trip to Fiji when I was seven and after that I wanted to travel, so I became a travel agent at 17.  I travelled around the world and visited  44 countries!

I think we all feel guilty at times juggling raising children with work... Our New Year's resolution is to try to spend more quality time with our kids, without the cellphones or computers. And doing things such as taking them away on camping trips.

Claire: I get my "me" time by... Doing a little retail therapy, eating chocolate and tasting local wines!

Fena: The smartest thing we ever did with our business... Would definitely have to be investing in our new website where customers can now purchase and hire our products online.

Claire: To avoid problems in your business you need to... Make sure you have the right business partners, employees and franchisees in place so that the company runs in a streamlined manner. This affects all areas of the company, from accounts to customer service.

Fena: Our favourite thing about the business is... The fact that we have now brought car seats into New Zealand that we know are of a high quality, are safe and affordable. We also now know that due to an increase in choice of safer child restraints, there has also been an increase in safety surveys - it's a great feeling knowing that children are safer on the roads in New Zealand.

Claire: The best advice I was ever given as a mother was... Make the most of the first few years of your child's life, as they just seem to whizz by.

Fena: The best advice I was ever given as a businesswoman was... Follow my gut feeling and instincts, and not let other people's thoughts and judgements overrule my decisions.

Claire: My best tips for getting out of the house on time are... Planning the night before always helps! I get to have more me time if I'm on time - what more of an incentive can you get?

Fena and Claire: Our superheroes are... Our kids as they see things in clearer and simpler ways. And they say the funniest things. They can really shed a new light on life. Never underestimate the kids.


As seen in OHbaby! magazine Issue 14: 2011
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