Little Whimsy: Clare Wickenden

OHbaby! magazine chats with mum-of-two Clare Wickenden, who set up her business Little Whimsy in 2014.

OB: Do you ever feel "mummy guilt" about spending time working instead of with your children? If so, how do you deal with it?

CW: Not so much now they are getting older. I also find that personally I’m a better mum if I get time to feel like I’m busy out of the home so when I am home on mum duty I can be more involved.

OB: What do you do to get "me-time"?

CW: I make sure to make time to catch up with friends for a coffee and when we get away to the beach I shut off from the business for a few days.

OB: What is the smartest thing you have done with your business?

CW: Hire the amazing staff that have allowed little whimsy to grow and to be able to spend more time on the business rather than just in the business.

OB: What is your favourite thing about the business now? What do you most enjoy?

CW: I love all of the connections I have made with brands, other stores and influencers and customers. I also love hunting down new exciting products that aren’t yet in NZ and basically my job is a professional shopper which is awesome. My favourite thing is seeing social media photos of our products being enjoyed and loved by the children that never fails to make me happy.

OB: What is the most surprising thing you’ve found in running your own business?

CW: The amount of time that goes into running a shop. I could work 24/7 and still not get everything done as I always have more ideas, more brands to chase up and updates to be done to our site.

OB: What is your philosophy to child-rearing?

CW: Do whatever works for you and your family. Every child is so different so do whatever works to make you all happy, healthy and loved and don’t get hung up on small details or if you are doing things the right way or not.

Published February 2019



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