Blast from the past: things we loved 10 years ago

What do you remember from ten years ago? It’s okay, you can plead ‘baby brain’, because we’ve taken a little trip down memory lane for you, back to 2008 when OHbaby! Magazine was first published. It was the year of Facebook vs MySpace, Barack and Michelle Obama, the global recession, Breaking Bad and Wall-E.
Check out our Top Ten lists from that year - the top baby names, songs, TV programmes, movies, kids toys and books, plus what we were laughing, crying and marvelling over in that year.

Top 10 girls’ names
1 Sophie
2 Olivia
3 Ella
4 Isabella
5 Charlotte
6 Lily
7 Emma
8 Emily
9 Jessica
10 Grace
Top 10 boys’ names
1 Jack
2 James
3 William
4 Samuel
5 Joshua
6 Riley
7 Liam
8 Oliver
9 Benjamin
10 Daniel








Top 10 New Zealand singles
1 No Air – Jordan Sparks
2 Low - Flo Rida featuring T-Pain
3 Always On My Mind – Tiki Taane
4 Forever - Chris Brown
5 With You – Chris Brown
6 Poker Face – Lady Gaga
7 Love in the Club – Usher featuring Young Jeezy
8 Bleeding Love – Leona Lewis
9 I Kissed a Girl – Katy Perry
10 Nesian 101 – Nesian Mystik

Top 10 kids’ books
Snake and Lizard – Joy Cowley, pictures by Gavin Bishop
The King’s Bubbles – Ruth Paul
Out of the Egg – Tina Matthews
Tahi – One Lucky Kiwi – Melanie Drewery
To The Harbour – Stanley Palmer

The Pencil - Allen Ahlberg
Bats at the Library, written and illustrated by Brian Lies
Splat the Cat by Rob Scotton
Oodles of Animals by Lois Ehlert
Too Many Toys by David Shannon

Top 10 toys
1 The Bakugan range of action figure warriors
2 Baby Born, the lifelike doll that can drink, wet her nappy, use her flashing potty and cry.
3 Ben 10 scooters and skateboards
4 Fisher-Price waterproof digital camera
5 Hanna Montana range of toys and apparel
6 High School Musical Dance Mat
7 iTeddy
8 Playskool Dance Cam
9 Leapfrog TAG Reading System
10 Littlest Pet Shop Tail Waggin’ Fitness Club

What we were watching on TV (and on YouTube)
Breaking Bad, The Mentalist, True Blood, The Shield, Lost, Mad Men, 30 Rock, 90210, The Office, and this viral YouTube video Star Wars according to a three-year-old, the 9th most-watched video of the year.

What we were watching at the movies
The Dark Knight, Mamma Mia, Slumdog Millionaire, Wall-E, KungFu Panda, Dr Seuss’s Horton Hears a Who, Sex and the City, Iron Man, Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull.

What was happening in our world
🌏 Sir Edmund Hillary, New Zealand mountaineer and the first man to climb Mt Everest in 1953, dies from a heart attack at 88 (January 11)
🌏 "Black Monday" - Lehman Brothers goes bankrupt triggering a Global Recession (January 21)
🌏 Surgeons at London's Moorfields Eye Hospital perform the first operations using bionic eyes, implanting them into two blind patients (April 22)
🌏 Cyclone Nargis kills more than 138,000 people in Myanmar (May 3) and an earthquake strikes Sichuan, China, killing an estimated 87,000 people (May 12)
🌏 Usain Bolt sets a new 100 metre world record of 9.69 seconds at the Beijing Summer Olympics (August 16)
🌏 Fonterra advises Prime Minister Helen Clark of the 2008 Sanlu baby milk contamination scandal 
🌏 Spotify launches - free and legal music on the internet!
🌏 The consumer gene-testing service 123andMe becomes publicly available
🌏 Apple introduces a parental control section on its iPhones
🌏 The US elects its first black president, Barack Obama (November 4)



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