'Pec'-tacular male support product!

Maternity brand Breastmates has come up with a new breast support device - for men! 
Launching today, the Moob caters for an array of male body sizes and varying stages of pectoral muscle demise, more commonly known as “saggy man boobs”. The Moob is created from soft nylon/spandex fabric which moves and breathes with the male form. Unlike the Seamless Nursing Bra, which features a rear hook-and-eye closure, the Moob is designed to go over the wearer’s head like a singlet – eliminating any potentially embarrassing fumbling with clasps.
The Moob promises to be invisible under clothing and singlets, with microfibre technology to support the male chest without restricting tissue or muscle growth. Wireless but providing moderate support, it will be available in 10 shades to match various skin tones for maximum discretion. Incredibly comfortable for everyday wear and nighttime too, its breathable material also wicks away uncomfortable mid-moob perspiration.
“Our Seamless Nursing Bra has been so popular among mothers-to-be and new mums, and I’ve been asked several times to produce a male version,” Franny explains. “I’ve had husbands emailing me asking if I could recommend a similar garment to discreetly support their own moobs. This is the first time a male support garment like this has been available to the market.”
Also in development is Moob Active, a sports garment for men providing firm support for the pectoral muscles as they change and tighten through exercise. The Moob Active will have self-adjusting cups which decrease, for men returning to exercise who find their moobs diminishing. The Moob Active is set to be released next year on 1 April 2017.
Breastmates will begin marketing the Moob starting 1 April, first reaching out to existing Breastmates customers who might wish to purchase a Moob for their husband or partner, particularly those who may have developed “sympathy moobs” or gained weight during his wife’s pregnancy. The Moob will also be available on the Breastmates website.

IMAGE: Breastmates founder Franny McInnes unpacking the company's new range of 'Moobs'.



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