The Neonatal Trust's annual appeal

Did you know that one premature baby is born in New Zealand every 90 minutes? It’s World Prematurity Day on November the 17th and this is an issue close to our hearts at OHbaby! Our office manager Marianne’s son Otto was born at 26 weeks. He is now a happy healthy six-year old but she clearly remembers those stressful moments in the NICU.

The Neonatal Trust provides invaluable support and care for families of premature and sick babies. The trust is a non-government funded organisation which helps families through this difficult journey. They provide parents with information packs on what they can expect during this time, morning teas, playgroups and support for dads, among other things.

This year is their inaugural Small Change, Big Difference campaign. From the 1st to the 17th of November they are asking us to donate our small change to support the essential work the Neonatal Trust does for our most vulnerable babies.

The campaign aims to raise money to buy specialist chairs for parents to use in the units for Kangaroo cuddles. A kangaroo cuddle is when the baby is placed under the parent's clothing and has skin-to-skin contact. It is important that the neonatal units use chairs that are easy to clean and can’t harbour bacteria and germs.

Another goal is to offer more support to families and babies in regional areas. At the moment their work is concentrated in the five main centres. They also want to enhance the “What to Expect” guide that is given to parents with a baby in the NICU.

For more information on the Neonatal Trust or to donate click here

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Anne currently has a baby boy in the NICU who weighs 795g. She explains how the Neonatal Trust has helped her. 

“As you can imagine it was a scary experience. The Neonatal Trust has been a rock throughout this emotional roller coaster of a journey.

They have been there from the beginning, we have cried on their shoulders, they provided us with a hospital strength breast pump, we borrowed library books from them to help us understand terms, and they even gave us chocolates!

I went to the coffee mornings organised by them in the ward, and got to know other mums this way. It's amazing how you are at the hospital everyday and yet you don't know the other mums. The free neck and shoulder massages also help ease the stress!

The staff at Neonatal Trust are amazing, they know how you are feeling, as they have done their time in NICU as parents, and sometimes that is all you need - someone who just gets it! They are invaluable, as they are not nurses or doctors, but they are genuinely lovely people who care, and make your crazy life that much easier when you are living in NICU land”



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