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Vegetarian Pregnancy

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Topic: Vegetarian Pregnancy
Posted By: binklemouse
Subject: Vegetarian Pregnancy
Date Posted: 13†June†2013 at 11:17am
Hi everyone :)
I was wondering if anyone has found a good book or resource on being vegetarian and pregnant.
I have seen plenty of articles saying most women vegetarian or otherwise should be more mindful of their diet during pregnancy so I worry a little!
I have been vegetarian for 11 years but have never been overly bothered with protein substitutes and am sure I don't get as much as I should.
I'm interested in becoming more expert at it before we try to conceive.

Posted By: Reffinej
Date Posted: 23†June†2013 at 3:57pm
My midwife reckoned I should write a book on being veggie and pregnant/breastfeeding, lol! I eat eggs, lots of them. I took a good, preg supplement, ate a lot - I always have had a big appetite. Ate heaps of fruit salad, only cuz I craved it like a mad thing. I would say free range eggs, beans, lentils etc...and you'll be right. Keep tabs on your iron more than anything, as pregnant women often -even non vegetarians -get depleted. Again lentils, green veg etc. And eating your iron with vit c. I was also drinking lots of Body Balance (pm me if you want more info!)

Prob make sure you're getting b12. That is the thing lots of vegans/veggies miss out on.

Of course, I could've just been lucky or whatever. Listen to your body.

Good luck for a happy, healthy ttc journey and beyond!

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Posted By: binklemouse
Date Posted: 23†June†2013 at 4:03pm
Perfect thank you :D I think I will need to make sure I have protein with every meal instead of sometimes just going only with veggies as I do now. Should be easy to throw beans or chickpeas in with whatever is for dinner and I do enjoy eggs quite regularly.
Mr Dr recently identified my B12 as being low and I just had my first of what I am sure will be regular injections.
Will keep tabs on iron too, I have generally been fine with that, but as you say, even meateaters can run a little low during pregnancy.
Thanks Reffinej!

Posted By: Emmecat
Date Posted: 23†June†2013 at 6:24pm

I'm a long term vegetarian and this is (in theory) my third vegetarian pregnancy. I say in theory as I must admit, that during pregnancy I often do crave chicken and or fish. Not often, but it definitely happens! Embarrassed  When it does happen, I tend to listen to my body and give in. In practical terms, that is usually a couple of times a month. Also recently, before this pregnancy, I was having the same cravings and put it down to my body needing extra protein from tandem breast feeding for 2 years.

I would definitely keep an eye on your B12 levels and be aware that folate levels can sometimes mask those results- sounds like your Dr is onto it though. I had B12 injections while I was vegan and for a couple of years following and they did seem to help. Also make sure you keep on top of your iron supplements; try to take an iron/vit c combo if you can to help with absorption. Pregnancy can make you constipated too lol so also keep an eye on your fibre intake Wink
Other than that, good luck in TTC. Eating a well balanced vegetarian diet during BF and beyond is a lovely healthy way to live, if that is what you have chosen as your preferred diet. Star

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Posted By: TeacherLady
Date Posted: 23†June†2013 at 6:27pm
Reffine has given you good info but I thought I would add

I have been vegetarian for 4 years now.

I started my pregnancy as a vegan, but then reintroduced eggs from my hens (even eating free-range aioli!).
I am allergic to dairy, but don't agree with the dairy farming practices anyhow, so NO dairy in my diet.

I had the regular blood work done that is required and my iron was low at the 32 (?) week blood. Low enough to take iron tablets, but I said no, and used Floravital and green veges and bought it up from 13 to 73 in 6 weeks. My MW was REALLY surprised and now recommends Floravital to ALL her women. Perhaps you should look into this?

B12 never checked, and never thought it was a problem- so who knows about that one.... Interesting though!

I know what you mean about the leaving protein out of meals- sometimes veges are what does it for us too! Although now that Fergus is BLW and eating what we eat we are using a lot more lentils, chickpeas etc.

Good luck!

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Posted By: pencils
Date Posted: 23†June†2013 at 6:29pm
the healthy food guide website have some good recipes. their recipes come with nutritional info like how much protein, fat, iron etc which is useful when you want to boost your protein and iron. have you tried quinoa? it's easy to cook and pretty versatile

Posted By: binklemouse
Date Posted: 23†June†2013 at 6:40pm
Thanks for your advice everyone :)

Emmecat: one of my friends told me I might crave meat. She said another vegetarian friend of hers had a thing for cheeseburgers while pregnant! haha. We shall see.

Teacherlady: I didn't have a clue about my B12 until my Dr sent me for my Rubella test recently (I am pretty healthy and never have/need blood regular tests) and I said 'throw in iron and B12 for me please' and my B12 was found to be alarmingly low.
He then sent me for another test to see if I have some sort of absorption disorder thingie, which I didn't. :D

Posted By: TeacherLady
Date Posted: 23†June†2013 at 6:45pm
Haha re craving meat! I have conditioned my body so well to the yuckiness of meat, and the absolutely HORRIFIC circumstances that animals are kept in (let alone the fact they are killed for selfish humans!) that I didn't even crave it. I was surprised as my dad always said... what will you do when you feel like steak!!...

Emmecat- interesting that you craved it and it was white meat. Are your children vegetarian?

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Posted By: Emmecat
Date Posted: 23†June†2013 at 8:10pm
Teacherlady- yes my children are vegetarian. DD1 has only had chicken a handful of times since she was about, hmmm 3? And DD2 has had it a bit younger than that, but it's very very rarely. DD1 doesn't like it at all, she's really not interested. DD2 eats anything LOL so is ok with it. I'm not sure why the craving was for chicken and fish. I'm thinking cos I've been vegetarian for so long and mainly for ethical reasons, I tried to convince myself that chickens were stupider than all the other animal options. I appreciate that is not really the case and is a very weak argument. Embarrassed So yeah, I can't answer your question really. I never craved red meat or pork or anything, and this time around not even fish much. So very strange really. Confused
I have every intention of raising my children to be mainly vegetarian. We *might* continue to eat chicken once a month or something, or we may not. But I certainly have no intention of veering away from this lifestyle to a meat eating one. I love that my kids have such a (generally) healthy and varied diet and no trouble eating beans or pulses etc. Definitely an individual choice though, don't think there is any right answer for every body or family Smile  

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Posted By: NzVeggie
Date Posted: 03†July†2013 at 9:47am
Just saw these posts. I have been a vegetarian for almost 5 years now and eat a mainly vegan diet at home (was vegan 100% of the time but was findin it too difficult when out and about). So anyway I am 8 weeks pregnant with my first and have no intentions of changing. DH is also veggie so our plan is to raise our children veggie!
I know that vegetables contain a surprising amount of protein so by adding in pulses/legumes for a few meals a week you can easily get enough through diet.
I am slightly worried what people might think but I have facts and data to support my choice so hopefully not too much resistance. And anyway, it's my choice!

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Angel babies July '13, November '13 and June '14
Baby girl born 26/06/15

Posted By: GreenOlive
Date Posted: 05†July†2013 at 6:22pm
Maybe a bit late, but I just signed up after coming across these posts.

A book that I find really helpful is:
Your Vegetarian Pregnancy by Dr. Holly Roberts.

It has a very comprehensive section on nutrition and shows how you fare compared to someone who eats meat. The book is suitable for both vegetarian and vegan diets. It also has information about pregnancy month by month, birth, nursing etc. It even touches on how to help others accept your dietary choice.

I got mine from (they have free shipping).

I have some other great books, too, but they are specifically for vegan pregnancies, so you may find those less useful.

Hope this helps!

Posted By: binklemouse
Date Posted: 05†July†2013 at 8:10pm
Thanks GreenOlive! Will take a look

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Posted By: GreenOlive
Date Posted: 06†July†2013 at 9:44am
Does anyone happen to know of a good midwife in the Central Auckland area who has experience with vegan pregnancies or who is sympathetic towards a vegan diet?

Emmecat, how do you know if your B12 levels are being masked? I had good levels last year, but how do I know if that was real? I should be getting my blood test results next week.

Posted By: GreenOlive
Date Posted: 06†July†2013 at 10:20am
NzVeggie, I know what you mean about what people might think. I feel pretty confident that my vegan diet is healthy and complete, but I'm worried about peoples reactions when they find out I'm pregnant. I'm only in week 6 as off today, so we might wait a bit still before telling people anyway. Very excited, though. And congrats to you, btw

Posted By: Emmecat
Date Posted: 06†July†2013 at 4:52pm
GreenOlive-- if you ask for your B12 to be specifically checked, it should be fine. I think the problem is when you get a general BT and your folate levels come back ok that some people assume that then means *all* their B levels are good, which isn't necessarily the case. Have you read 'Becoming Vegan'? It's such a good book and goes into much more detail than I am confident providing lol. The author has also written one called Becoming vegetarian and both books have extensive information on good balanced diets, with special chapters dedicated to this kind of diet while pregnant and or breastfeeding. As well as heaps of info on raising little vegan/vegetarian dynamos Wink" rel="nofollow -  

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Posted By: GreenOlive
Date Posted: 06†July†2013 at 6:03pm
Thanks, Emmecat! Oh good, my B12 is probably fine, then I was just getting a bit worried as I just found out there are 2 different types on the market of which one is easier to absorb and I was taking the other type. Am going to switch to the easy one (methylcobalamin) just in case. I haven't read 'Becoming Vegan', but it sounds like a good one, so will check it out right now Thanks!

Posted By: Emmecat
Date Posted: 06†July†2013 at 8:54pm
Yeah that's the one I used to take, as well as B12 shots. If you're planning on being vegan during your pregnancy and raising your child as vegan you will definitely need to supplement...both of you. B12 is vital for wee ones. That book is awesome at telling you all about it anyway. I'd not be a vegan personally while pregnant (wouldn't work with my sometimes chicken cravings anyway LOL) but it was awesome when I was child free. LOVED it. Smile It does take a lot more planning I reckon and you do need to supplement. I'll be following your journey with interest anyway. Aside from the occasional chicken craving, we enjoy our vegetarian lifestyle and the children certainly seem healthy enough Big smile

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Posted By: Youva186393
Date Posted: 10†June†2015 at 1:11pm
does anyone know any vegetairan midwife (@ North Shore Auckland)?
Or any suggestion on the midwife who looked after vegetarian before?

Posted By: binklemouse
Date Posted: 10†June†2015 at 2:21pm
I just had an 'ordinary' midwife take care of me. She was aware I was vegetarian and we just made sure iron and B12 were checked regularly :)
Grew me a lovely 8lb 12 baby boy :D

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Posted By: Flora2
Date Posted: 10†June†2015 at 4:15pm
Hi - I've been vegetarian 25yrs and am trying to conceive, the doc said my B12 levels were low, I too read about the two different types of B12 to take, I was on the cyanocobalamin which is the less absorbed one apparently so switched to a methylcobalamin one by Clinicians which comes in a liquid, just place a drop under your tongue daily - easy :-)

Posted By: Dona266977
Date Posted: 13†April†2021 at 11:15am
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Posted By: Dona266977
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Posted By: Dona266977
Date Posted: 21†April†2021 at 6:01am
I was with the same concern few months back when I was pregnant with my daughter as you are right now. I completely understand your concern. This is partly because vegan diet plans have been disapproved by many for lacking sufficient nutrients and also being unsuitable for more delicate life stages like pregnancy. Thisís due to the reason that vegan diets naturally tend to be low in nutrition such as omega-3 fats, vitamin B12, iron, calcium, zinc, and, iodine. All of these are particularly significant for pregnant women. A low consumption of these nutrition foods can cause pregnancy complications, nutrient deficiencies, and also poor infant and mother health. Nonetheless a balanced vegetarian diet chart for pregnant lady that delivers suitable amounts of those nutrients seems to be just as hale and hearty as a traditional diet plan that consist of dairy products, meat, and eggs. With an appropriate vegan diet plan, you will have a lower risk of C-section (cesarean) delivery, postpartum depression, and also infant or maternal mortality." rel="nofollow -

Posted By: Rachel267116
Date Posted: 29†April†2021 at 9:43pm
I'm also worried about the pregnancy. My family scolds me for not eating meat.

Posted By: Owen267078
Date Posted: 30†April†2021 at 8:16pm
I advise you to pass the main tests before pregnancy and check if your indicators are average. Choose in advance" rel="nofollow - vegan recipes that will take into account all your needs. Do not try to replace meat with eggs and dairy products. It is better to study the competent basics of a vegan diet carefully, a combination of products that will give you the necessary vitamins and minerals. And of course, drink vitamins. You can find both unique vitamin complexes for pregnant women, B12, D3, and others on iHerb. You should register at the doctor's and regularly take tests. I hope your loved ones support you in your decision.

Posted By: Bala267357
Date Posted: 21†May†2021 at 9:06am
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