Aveeno skincare for baby

Recently AVEENO® launched their new Dermexa Moisturising Cream which is clinically proven as suitable for eczema- prone skin. OHbaby! sat down with Warren Wallo, Research Scientist at Aveeno, to find out more.

OB: Eczema is increasingly common in New Zealand, why are we seeing more children afflicted with this condition?

There are several reasons, firstly with better access to medical care in recent years professionals are seeing more cases. There is also the hygiene-hypothesis, which is the theory we clean more thoroughly than we have previously and our immune system is working harder to fight invaders and as a result is looking harder for something to react to.

OB: What should parents look for when selecting a skincare for children with eczema?72024_Av _Dermexa Cream _Baby _206mL

Ideally you want to look for something that doesn’t have a lot of ingredients.  It is important for people with sensitive skin to use products that are free from potential irritating ingredients, allergens and fragrances. Consider avoiding any products that are highly fragranced including alcohol toners, harsh cleansers and hand sanitisers.

OB: How can Dermexa be used in conjunction with prescribed medicines?

Most patients want to minimise medicine use.  If you don’t have to use medicines and you find a natural based alternative that works, you are also eliminating over use or misuse of medicines. Dermexa is suitable for the entire skin spectrum from those suffering severe or even mild symptoms of eczema as part of a daily management plan. By using daily you can help maintain the skin barrier function and relieve dryness and itchiness. 

OB: Is Dermexa suitable for babies and can it be used on the face?

Yes Dermexa is gentle enough to use on babies skin from six months and mild enough for use on the face. The whole family can use Dermexa if required, as the baby formulas are fragrance free and cortisone free, and do not include lanolins or dyes, assuring mum and dad that the product is gentle for baby’s skin, as well as their own.

Aveeno Baby Dermexa RRP $22.99



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