Bright and breezy

Make your child's room light, bright and breezy and a place to let creativity go wild.

 Kids themselves are like a kaleidescope of colour - they're vibrant, energetic and creative. You can encourage a freedom of expression with rooms that are individual and bold. Be brave with your colour choices and willing to let your children take ownership of their space.

Chalkboard paint has grown ever popular in recent years for that reason, but you're no longer restricted to white on black. There's a whole rainbow of colours available like the cheerful Aquagirl Blue from Hudson Paints featured on the wall on this page. If you want to play it a little safer you can always paint shapes or circles on MDF using various chalkboard colours and pop them on the wall as an ever changing art display.

 Accessorise with pops of colour in cushions, wall art and rugs and you'll instantly brighten your child's world. Mocka has just released a new range of toy boxes in bright bold colours - red, green, blue and white. Keep them as they are or treat them as a blank canvas to decorate to your own taste with wall decals. If you're artistically minded, you could stencil or paint pictures or patterns on the toy box to personalise it.

 Art can also be used for education as well as aesthetics. Check out the bright, vibrant and quintessentially NZ range of posters from Twirl Design (below). They're a modern twist on the traditional numbers and alphabet posters, plus their long thin format provides a little more interest than a typical poster-size image.

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1. World Map memo board $135.90 from
2. Dwell Papier Mâché Animal Heads $189 each from
3. Cushion $79 from
4. Multi-Colour Chandelier $345 from
5. Tahi Poster $30 from
6. Blinx Round Floor Rug $299 from Freedom Furniture
7. Wooden Toy Box $69.95 from



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